Couple hides money in supermarket baby…
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Couple hides money in supermarket baby products: "A little help for new parents who are struggling"

July 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The price of baby products are by no means economical, despite the fact that they are essential products for a baby. And this is why many families struggling to make ends meet have to make important choices before each purchase. When you can't afford the luxury of buying everything you need, you need to prioritize. Krystal and Patrick Duhaney know this well, and they didn't have much when their first child was born. Today, years later, they have not only grown their family, but they also have several tips to give to new parents. Remembering their early days, the couple decided to make a loving gesture by hiding some money in baby products in several local supermarkets.

Diapers, feeding bottles, creams, soaps, clothes and, of course, toys: these items and many more are just some of the things a baby needs. If a family is in financial difficulty and is forced to make cuts, it will be necessary have to avoid buying everything that is not a pressing priority. The Duhaneys have lived through experiencing this type of difficulty but, fortunately for them, thes are now distant memories: thanks to their Instagram Milky Mama project, in which they give advice on breastfeeding, they were able to find some financial stability and to afford to have another baby.

Krystal and Patrick also decided to help parents who are in financial difficulty. How do they do this? They did it using a budget of $ 1000 dollars which was distributed randomly in the packaging of children's products in local stores. Powdered milk and diapers have therefore become the perfect containers in which some families can find a nice surprise when they get home.

This is, of course, a small bit financial aid - $ 20 in each package - that is meant to symbolize the couple's support and empathy for tothose taking their first steps as a parent in a tough world. With these few dollars, the couple knows perfectly well that they will not be able to change the conditions of a family in trouble, but they hope that at least the money can be useful in their darkest hour.

The gesture, described and disseminated on TikTok, is not intended to be a boast by people who have, "made it" in life, but is offered as a beacon of light and hope for others. If more people join the cause, Patrick and Krystal can surely claim to have helped make the world a better place.

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