Little boy loses both parents: his stepsister adopts him and gives him the family he deserves -
Little boy loses both parents: his stepsister…
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Little boy loses both parents: his stepsister adopts him and gives him the family he deserves

July 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In life there are lucky people and others that are less so, but when you are faced with challenge, you must never give up, because your luck could change.  What starts out as looking like very bad luck can, over the course of time, turn out to be a blessing in disguise (or at least, could have a happy ending). The story we are about to tell you is like this and, from an initially horrible situation, it has completely transformed into a beautiful fairytale with a happy ending.

This is a story that, for a woman and her little step-brother, proved to be fundamental in forging a sweet and affectionate relationship between them. This is the story of Easton and Molly.

Easton was only two years old when his parents passed away. His mother died very suddenly, and his father was struggling with a terminal disease. Aware that his time was short and that his little one would soon be all alone, in his last days, Easton's father set to work to find a good home for his son. So, he contacted the one person who had loved Easton like he and his wife had: his daughter, Molly.

Molly Schultz was living in Washington with her husband and 4 children when she was contacted by her father and she learned of her stepmother's untimely death. "I knew my father was ill," said the woman, "but learning about his wife was a hard blow. I immediately boarded a plane with my twins and joined my father. I was worried about him, but above all, I was concerned for my little stepbrother, Easton". When the woman arrived in Michigan, her father asked her to take care of his son. Since Molly and her husband had always wanted to have a boy in addition to their 4 beautiful girls, and with no intention of leaving her stepbrother to the mercies of the unknown, Molly immediately made herself available and the adoption process began.

This was a process that lasted over one year. After a lot of red tape and some delays this sad story had a positive ending. Little Easton was first entrusted to the care of his sister and then the adoption became finalized. "He always calls me mom," said Molly, "maybe because he saw my other daughters doing it, but he never addressed me calling me by my proper name. It's wonderful to have him with us and to know that he made my father happy and content in the last moments of his life. And, besides, we could not have simply abandoned Easton - my brother - after my father died."


This is a story with a happy ending that shows, once again, how strong bonds can overcome challenges and deafeat the adversities of life. It is always heartening to read about people who are kind and give unconditional generosity to do something to help improve another's life.

Kudos to Molly and we wish her and her entire, beautiful family a happy life - including, of course, little Easton.

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