Couple get married in their garden and their spiteful neighbor cuts her lawn during the ceremony -
Couple get married in their garden and…
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Couple get married in their garden and their spiteful neighbor cuts her lawn during the ceremony

July 04, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

On a wedding day, everything should be perfect, don't you think? Couples usually prepare every little detail to avoid any kind of unexpected mishap and ensure everyone has a memorable day. The couple who are the subjects of this story, however, had not counted on the presence of an annoying and resentful neighbor, who decided to use a lawnmower right at the moment in which the two exchanged their vows. Although it is not common to celebrate your wedding in a back yard, this couple had chosen this location so they could pass this important moment in peace. It was too bad, then that the tranquility of the event was brutally interrupted by the actions of their female neighbor.

This young couple only wanted to spend a pleasant day outside in the peace and tranquility of their garden - but their selfish neighbor denied them this, when she decided to mow her lawn during the couple's wedding ceremony. How can anyone be so spiteful? Perhaps it was envy that motivated the neighbor, since many people just can't accept the fact that others can be happier than themselves. One of the guests documented the scene, which was later published to TikTok. In the video,  the neighbor is clearly seen starting up the noisy lawnmower at the least opportune moment.

One user wrote in the comments what many have thought while watching the video: "I don't understand how she can be so spiteful. The couple have rehearsed the wedding several times in the garden, so she knew exactly what she was doing. It's really sad to see this." But no one has been unkind towards this neighbor: so where did all her hatred come from?


Having good neighbors is always a matter of chance and luck, but ruining a person's wedding seems to be a particularly horrible and spiteful act. Moreover, the woman did not show any sign of quitting to cut the lawn, even after repeated requests from the wedding party. When the bride's entrance song began to play, she continued mowing the lawn and did so throughout the ceremony.

What would you have done if your neighbor had ruined your wedding day in this way?

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