Bullies criticize overweight woman because…
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Bullies criticize overweight woman because she is married to a thin partner: she counter-attacks

July 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Anyone who has ever heard, read or otherwise learned of stories in which overweight people are criticized and derided, should be appalled. This  bullying is happening not only amongst children, but also amongst adults and it is increasingly becoming a social scourge. Bullies should, instead, reflect about their own shortcomings, rather than pointing out the so-called faults of others and dispensing unsolicited opinions and cruel judgements.

This is a circumstance in which the woman we want to tell about in this article has found herself many times. For a long while she has been "lambasted" for being overweight and married to a man who is much thinner than she is and, having reached the limit of her patience, she has decided to respond to anyone who continues to express their unwanted opinions on the matter. Let's see what her answer is:

via: The Sun

In a video posted on her social media networks, Alicia McCarvell wanted to counter all those who, in various ways, try to criticise the relationship she has with a man who is much thinner than she is. "They ask me so many questions - they ask me what it feels like to be with a man who is physically very different to me," said the woman. She continued: "They ask if I feel at peace in the relationship with him or if I fear that he could betray me at any moment". She has received many questions and statements like this and this has exhausted the woman and led her to decide to make a statement. She is happy with her husband, they love each other, they are different to each other physicalyl, but their relationship is stable, lasting and she is not afraid of the external attacks.

Fed up with the situation, she now laughs at the various comments, expressing herself by saying: "I invite people to worry about their own relationship, rather than worrying about mine - which is peaceful and happy". Motivated by taking action, this woman continues to post photos and videos that show her with her partner while they train in the gym, get ready for a romantic evening out, travel or do a host of things happily together.

Also, in her posts, the woman expresses strongly the idea that everyone is master of their own life and no one has the right to interfere. This is a statement that embraces all existential fields - even the physical one. She has also stressed many times how happy she is in herself and with her body, and that she has no intention of changing due to external attacks and stranger's unwanted opinions. All this has increased her fame, especially on TikTok and has earned her the admiration and support of many people who thank her for being so strong and brave in addressing these sensitive topics and for having encouraged many of her followers to believe in themselves.


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