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10 hours of work a day for €280 euros…
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10 hours of work a day for €280 euros a month: a young woman's complaint published to social media

July 03, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

We are all well aware of how difficult it is for today's young people to enter the workplace. Add to this, the flood of fake or devious advertisements that are found on the net, and this situation is certainly exacerbated. The problem of getting work is also felt by older people, of course, as it seems to be increasingly difficult to find a job after a certain age. On the other hand, however, it is not right to have to bow down and accept absurd working conditions set by those who can't wait to exploit the unemployed. TikTokker Francesca Sebastiani, has published a video in which she shares her experience of applying for online jobs, and she reveals a truly sad image of this reality.

The young woman responded to an online job advertisement and had personally contacted the company for more information. Francesca published the back and forth screenshot communications she had with the so-called hiring clerk - screenshots that have created quite a bit of controversy. After asking her which city she was based in, the company stated the working hours for the salesperson position, the type of person they were looking for, and the monthly pay: "Monday to Friday 9-13.30. The shop opens at 16:00. However at 15-15.30 we closed for cleaning. We close at 20:30, sometimes 21:00. On Saturdays, it's 9:00 -20:30 non-stop, but if there are many people in the shop, we close at 21:00".

In short, and despite the information about the operating hours being (deliberately?) confusing, this essentially amounted to a continuous working shift of almost 10 hours a day, for a monthly pay of ... €280 euros ($295 dollars)!

Is it possible that for an entire working day of over 8 hours one can earn only €70 euros? Faced by this calculation - €280 euros per month - we cannot be other but disgusted by job offers of this type which, unfortunately, will be accepted by many desperate young people who would need to earn some money in order to be independent. However, Francesca's video went viral and attracted the attention of many to this age-old problem.

"You young people today don't want to work", was the company's response, but Francesca doesn't accept this allegation. Her anger, when reading this absurd response, was reflected in her retort, which read as follows (and on behalf of young people everywhere): "It is companies like yours who keep us from not wanting to work, because nobody with any sense of self-worth would accept €70 euros a week for a 10-hour day. Even a child would not accept this".

Anger against many exploitative entrepreneurs is on the rise in the world today - how will it all end, one wonders?

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