She thought she had won £182 million in the lottery but did not have credit: she never actually bought the ticket -
She thought she had won £182 million…
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She thought she had won £182 million in the lottery but did not have credit: she never actually bought the ticket

July 04, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Many people's dream is to win the lottery and settle down forever without having to worry about rent, bills, their future and the future of their children. How many of us continue to play the lottery weekly, hoping for a win? Rachel Kennedy changed her life when she found out she supposedly had the winning ticket in the national lottery - or so she believed. The young girl didn't waste a minute before calling her mom and her boyfriend to tell them the good news: her winnings amounted to a whopping £ 182,000,000 pounds ($ 223 million dollars)! Nobody could foresee the cold shower to come, however.

via: Mirror

Rachel Kennedy and her boyfriend Liam McCrohan, were already looking forward to how they could spend part of the huge winnings, enjoying the rest of their lives as much as possible, when a phone call immediately brought them back to reality. Indeed, Rachel did have all the winning numbers - they were the numbers that she used every week when she played the lottery - but she had not checked to see if she had actually bought the ticket online. Through the app on her mobile phone, Rachel had set up an instruction for the automatic purchase of tickets weekly. But, unbeknowst to her, her residual credit had run out and the app could not make a ticket purchase. In short, the only time she really needed to count on the automatic purchase service, she was let down by technology and her own negligence.

The young Brighton University student had played the same numbers - 6, 12, 22, 29, 33, 6 and 11 - for five weeks in a row before actually (nearly) winning. It was too bad then, that she didn't actually buy the ticket. It goes without saying that UK lottery operators have urged all customers to check their purchases carefully. Unfortunately, there was nothing for Rachel and her boyfriend to do - they did not have a ticket, so they never won the money. This is a real shame, especially because the chances of winning are very low ... but winning twice is basically impossible!

What is your experience with buying lottery tickets?

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