Boss appropriates his employee's project: "he presented it as his and didn't even mention me" -
Boss appropriates his employee's project:…
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Boss appropriates his employee's project: "he presented it as his and didn't even mention me"

June 28, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

A serene, peaceful and non-competitive work environment is usually what it takes for each employee to carry out their tasks in an optimal way. Having a good relationship with colleagues and superiors is everyone's dream - but unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are cases in which misunderstandings happen and are so serious that they put a strain on even the most accommodating, flexible person.

The woman we want to tell you about in this article is well aware of this fact. She is a worker who had a bad experience with her boss. Let's find out what happened together:

Cristina Sevcenco is a young woman who has had to deal with highly unprofessional behavior from her boss towards her. Recently starting in a new job, the subject of this story posted a video on TikTok in which she talks about how her superior took possession of a project that she had developed completely on her own.

"I handed my work to the boss and, shortly after, I passed a room where he was presenting it to the top management of the company," she says in the video. She continues: "It was a pity then, that I saw that my name had be removed and that he had claimed to have created everything". This revelation deeply hurt the employee and led her to ask for an explanation from her boss.

From her initial job interview, Cristina knew very well that she would not be attending meetings with the company's top management, but she had not understood that her work would not be recognized and that someone else try to take credit for it. But this was exactly what had happened. "I talked to my boss and I tried to make him understand that I was not looking for a promotion, a bonus or something like that," explained the woman. "I just wanted that the work be recognized as mine".

Unfortunately, the boss didn't satisfy her concerns and she found a solution to the problem herself: she embedded her watermarked signature into the work, so that her name always appears when the work is viewed. "I received several calls from my boss," Cristina said. "He was in a panic and asked me several times to remove the signature, but I had no intention of doing so". In the days that followed, the employee witnessed a decrease in the amount of work being assigned to her - she was then demoted and then, finally, fired. This is a story that makes us reflect about how much the world of work hides unexpected pitfalls.

The worst thing that can happen at work is a boss being disrespectful of work done by his/her employees. Everyone, in their own small way, increases the value of the company they works for and, for this reason, they must be respected and recognised for what they do.

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