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Wife cooks only ready-made meals for…
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Wife cooks only ready-made meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner: her husband asks for a divorce

June 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Having a varied diet is not only essential for the body, but it is also a way to diversify mealtime and always eat something different. During the week it can be difficult to fit all extra-mural activities with cooking hot meals, which is why many resort to ready-cooked meals and quick fixes. We've all had the need to make do with a sandwich or pre-cooked food to save time, but we also believe there are limits to this. But evidently the wife of a man in this story, did not think this way when, systematically, she always served the same pre-cooked meal to her spouse every day: instant noodles. This was a diet that, in their case, was also harmful to the health of their marriage.

An Indian couple made headlines after the husband went to the Mysuru court to ask for a divorce. There would be nothing strange in such a story, if it were not for the reasons that prompted the man to act like he did: his wife did nothing but "cook" ready-made meals for every daily dish. His wife served him instant noodles every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What could make us think is, apparently, it was only the wife who took care of the preparation of the meals: why did the man not decide to do something for himself? Resorting to divorce does not seem to be an optimum solution to the problem, unless the man was as tired of the woman as he was for the noodles.

The trial judge, Raghunath, commented on the strange case: "He said that his wife did not know how to prepare food other than instant noodles. She made them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and when she went shopping she bought only this type of food." In the end, the divorce was agreed to by both of them, and by mutual agreement - but the fact remains that the reasons that led to the separation are nothing short of bizarre. It is not the first time that a court has found itself dealing with weird situations of this nature, but each time, it seems less and less believable.

We hope these former spouses can make up for their culinary shortcomings!

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