Mother finds her son's backpack ready…
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Mother finds her son's backpack ready to go and asks him for an explanation: "I want to go to see Dad in Heaven"

June 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Losing a parent is a traumatic event that, unfortunately, we all have to face sooner or later in our lives. Each of us deals with pain differently, but what is certain is that those who have had the misfortune of finding themselves in such a situation at a young age will always carry the sad reality of not being able to spend their lives being supported with the love of a father or a mother who passed away too soon. In a video that went viral on TikTok, a single mother shows and tells about the moving wishes of her 5-year-old son: having lost his father, the little one dreams of being able to visit him in Heaven and, for this reason, he has packed his bags to undertake this incredible "journey".

Ashley Irwin's husband passed away in his sleep too soon - at just 35 years of age - leaving her on her own and with a smart, sensitive son, Wyatt. One day, Wyatt asked his mother to get a suitcase and she, totally confused, asked him what he wanted it for. "I have an important trip to go on tomorrow," was the little boy's reply and Ashley, in her naivety, thought her was referring to the fact that they were going to church the next day. Her son, however, replied that going to church could also wait: "God will forgive me," he said. The important journey that the child was organizing had a very auspicious and unusual destination: to meet up with his father. Ashley tearfully explained that her son wanted to "go and see his father in Heaven". Wyatt had packed his Spiderman backpack with everything he needed and asked his mother not to peek inside the bag.

Ashley couldn't resist the temptation to look into the bag, commenting that she hopes her son will forgive her for doing so, and she videotaped her reaction when she opened his little backpack.

In the backpack were some superhero masks and cloaks: "I guess he's saving the world in heaven," Ashley commented excitedly. Also, there was a whistle, two new baseball gloves, a baseball and ... some items that left this mother speechless. In one of his slippers, Wyatt had put his father's aftershave bottle, just as he used to do whenever he traveled; in the other shoe, on the other hand, he had put his father's old wallet. Smelling her husband's aftershave made Ashley cry - as did opening the wallet. When he was alive, Wyatt's father put all the important things his son wanted to keep in the wallet.

The extremely moving video went viral and the millions of users who saw it wanted to send positive and comforting messages to this single mom. Many also worried about Wyatt, who lost his father passed away too soon: "For those of you who ask me if my son is okay," Ashley said in the video, "he's out here fighting crime and saving children and puppies ".


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