Husband-to-be doesn't want his bride to spend $ 2000 on a wedding dress and secretly returns it to the shop: "Rent one instead" -
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Husband-to-be doesn't want his bride…
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Husband-to-be doesn't want his bride to spend $ 2000 on a wedding dress and secretly returns it to the shop: "Rent one instead"

June 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Many women have a very specific idea of what their wedding will be like, as it is a moment they have dreamed of since they were little girls. Everyone has their own preferences on how to best organize the day and, of course, on the choice of their wedding dress - a critical choice. If the wedding is the day dedicated to the bride and groom, at least the dress should be to their liking! A woman on Reddit shared her unpleasant experience about bickering with her future husband, over the price of her wedding dress. For the man, it seemed really excessive to spend a lot of money on the purchase of a dress that, at the end of the day, is worn only once. The woman, however, remarked that that was exactly the point as, theoretically, "one gets married only once" in life and this is reason enough to make this one day more special than any other.

via: Reddit

The woman who is the subject of this story discussed the various aspects related to the organization of their wedding with her future husband, but on one count, they just couldn't find a way to agree: the cost of the wedding dress. The woman, wanted to spend whatever was necessary to purchase of her dream dress, since it was something she had dreamed about for most of her life. She was well aware that $ 2,000 dollars for a wedding dress was a lot of money but she was willing to incur this expense. Her future husband, however, was not.

"I'll only wear it once, that's right," said the bride-to-be, "he might be right, but 1) this is the average price for wedding dress, and 2) it's a once in a lifetime thing, so why can't I make sure it's special?".

"But he wasn't convinced," the woman continued, referring to her future husband, "and suggested that I rent a dress rather than buy one. He started saying that I am too irresponsible with money and brought up the question of how much I had already spent to 'rent a face' (meaning getting my makeup done) and wearing 'fake' hair (meaning my extensions), but I have a very specific vision of what I would like to look like on my wedding day ... I think it's my right as a bride," concluded the bride to be.

The woman eventually bought the wedding dress using her money, but the next day she couldn't find it in her closet: her future husband had returned it to the shop and had got the money back. When the woman asked him why he had done such a thing, he replied that he thought her dress was 'ridiculously expensive' and that it was a waste of money. Again, he suggested that she just rent one.

"I exploded and lunged at him - which I had never done before," admitted the woman, "He literally took a few steps back and told me to calm down. I told him he had no right to do this, since I was the one who had paid for the dress. He got mad and said there is no 'I'm paying for this or that myself' in a marriage and that my attitude was setting the tone for the kind of dynamic that we're going to have in our married life." The woman went on to explain how the argument progressed:

"He told me he expects to pay for everything while I must 'save my money' or spend it 'responsibly' (but I never tell him how to spend his money!). I told him he didn't have any say in how I spend my money, but he told me that I should grow up and I shouldn't be stuck on the cliché 'of the dream wedding dress'. Then he rushed to call his mother, who also berated me, saying that she won't let me ruin her son's financial stability. She too urged me to rent a dress or buy a cheaper one - much cheaper than the one I had chosen - and to end the drama, but I refused" .

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