Neighbor asks a man to remove a tree: "it's a childhood memory and I'll never cut it down" -
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Neighbor asks a man to remove a tree:…
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Neighbor asks a man to remove a tree: "it's a childhood memory and I'll never cut it down"

June 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Annoying neighbors are a very common phenomenon all over the world and comes in all ages. How "nice" are people who have just moved into a new home and immediately start trying to establish their own little world, and not paying any attention, respect or consideration to the fact that some habits and traditions have been practiced in the neighbors for years? This story is about this type of neighbor. In fact, a man told his experience on a Reddit community page to determine if he was justified in refusing to cut down a tree he cares a lot about.

via: Reddit

"I live in the house I inherited from my grandparents, I have spent the last few years modernizing it and adapting it to my style and needs, but there is one thing I have not touched: the apple tree in the back garden. My grandparents planted it on day they moved here and it came from my grandfather's family orchard when it was just a sapling. It was a way to bring a little bit of his family with me. I love it and some of my favorite memories as a child are from when I was picking its fruit or I was climbing in it," wrote the Reddit user.

Apparently, however, his neighbors are not very fond of his beloved memory: "Recently, some new neighbors have moved in and who continue to complain about the tree. They want it to be cut down because it casts shade into their garden in an area where they want to put a hot tub. Actually, the tree doesn't protrude on their property at all, but unfortunately it reduces the light in that specific area of their garden. I apologized, but told them I won't cut it down, suggesting they place the hot tub somewhere else in their garden, as it is quite large. I had also planned to try to smooth things out with them when the fruit arrives this year by bringing them a basket of fresh apples. "

The man continued with his story: "They are mad at me and complain about how it's just a tree and it's not a big deal to cut it down. The husband also threatened to get lawyers involved in order to force me to cut it down. I must admit this infuriated me and eliminated all goodwill that I had towards them or a desire to sort things out. I told them to do whatever they wanted, but I warned them that I have a camera in my back garden, so if they do any damage to my tree I will know. I installed it a few years ago because of the local children who stole all the apples. I don't mind giving the fruit to people, since they are abundant, but I don't like those who take advantage of my good will. "


"I know it's just a tree and maybe it's silly to become so upset by their demands and threats, but it has sentimental value for me. Is it really that unreasonable for me not to worry about it casting a bit of shade into their garden?", the author asked, adding that he had explained the sentimental value of the tree to the neighbors, but without getting any kind of empathy or understanding from them.

What do you think? Who is right?

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