This young woman only spends € 6,60…
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This young woman only spends € 6,60 a month on food: in 4 years she has saved € 76,000

June 08, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

To deal with the high cost of living, you need to try as much as possible to save money, finding every single bargain that could let you save even just two cents less on some item. By the end of the year, these two cents will have turned into a lot more if you can save on every item you buy. We are instructed by Ji-hyeon Kwak, a 24-year-old Korean woman, who over the course of 4 years of savings, has saved the equivalent of €76,000 euros ($81,000 dollars). The young woman has been working since she was 19 and immediately understood that she would have to tighten her belt to be able to afford, in the future, a home of her own. Her sacrifices have been numerous, but today she can be said to be very happy with her personal savings plan. Do you want to know how she did it?

Ji-hyeon Kwak is a young worker who, like everyone else, tries to save as much as possible. This young woman manages to bring home a monthly salary of around €1,500 euros ($1,600 dollars), after taxes, and at the same time she manages to save a lot during the year, spending only €6,60 euros ($7 dollars) a month on food. Of course, she spends so little not because she only eats instant ramen noodles or cheap snacks, but because she relies on a tried and tested savings program made up of collecting offers and meal vouchers that allow her to get many of the products she uses for much cheaper (some, even for free).

In an episode of SBS's "Master of Living" TV show, Ji-hyeon Kwak explained how she manages to save so much and how other people can start doing the same thing. The young woman uses apps that allow her to get discounts and sales coupons - to the detriment of gving up her personal data, of course. But for her, this is still absolutely worth it in the long run.

Ji-hyeon Kwak is used to drinking only tap water and homemade tea, so she doesn't even need to buy bottled water. Indeed, when she happens to get any bottles of water, she resells them online in order to earn a few cents. She spends nothing on public transport, as she has decided to dedicate two hours a day of her time walking to work and back. In general, these small but important measures allow her to save a large part of her monthly salary and she has accumulated a small fortune that will certainly be useful for her future.

Do you also have any tips to save money on small things?

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