Young woman takes a 14-hour flight to…
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Young woman takes a 14-hour flight to visit her boyfriend: he doesn't even get up from the sofa when she walks in

June 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you find the right person to spend the rest of your life with, you always have the wish to be with him or her and share your experiences with them as much as possible. If physical distances force a period of you being apart, you will need to grit your teeth and cope, but then meeting up again will be even more wonderful. A young Australian, in fact, had seen fit to surprise her boyfriend who was, apparently, in Sweden at the time. After taking a 14-hour flight, this young woman showed up at the home of her boyfriend who was lying comfortably on a sofa. At the sight of his girlfriend, however, the young man did not seem to react with the enthusiasm that one would expect on an occasion like this.

Would you ever consider boarding the first flight available to go visit your partner? Lauryn, who on TikTok is user "laurynmapusua", decided to make a very romantic gesture. The 22-year-old revealed in a video on the famous social network, that she took a flight from the United States to Sweden to surprise her boyfriend. This was a very long flight, lasting 14 hours, and probably was also very expensive considering the distance. But the young woman booked the flight anyway, with the desire to embrace the love of her life again. Lauryn documented her arrival and the moment of revealing herself to her boyfriend. She stated: "He was definitely surprised and confused".

TikTok users, however, offered their interpretation of the young man's reaction, considering the lack of enthusiam with which he welcomed his girlfriend.

So what do we see in her video? As soon as Lauryn enters the room and goes to hug her boyfriend, he is laying on the sofa and turns his incredulous gaze  to the person filming the scene (it is later discovered that it was Lauryn's best friend). As surprised as he is, Lauryn's followers have pointed out repeatedly how the young man didn't even get up to greet her and, even more worryingly, how his expression was not one of joy, but a show of his true feelings. In short, most of the TikTok followers clearly told Lauryn that for sure her boyfriend was cheating on her with someone else and that what she had just done - with all the good intentions in the world - had not been a nice surprise for him. .

The comments she received all followed a similar theme: "You traveled 10,000KM and HE CANNOT EVEN GET UP FROM THE SOFA? He doesn't even hug you? Please leave him, sister". Or: "Had I been you, I would have booked my return flight immediately." Lauryn re-posted the video explaining that she surprised her boyfriend who hadn't expected to see her before the end of the month - but the comments of her followers have not changed: "From his expression, it seems like he had a date with someone else that evening."

What was your impression when watching the video?

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