Bride rejects the classic, white wedding dress and chooses a pink jacket and trousers -
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Bride rejects the classic, white wedding…
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Bride rejects the classic, white wedding dress and chooses a pink jacket and trousers

June 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Choosing the wedding dress is, perhaps, one of the most difficult tasks to undertake when organizing a wedding. Usually, women opt for a classic type of wedding dress. Whether long or short, or with a fairly wide skirt, it doesn't matter - the important thing is the color: it absolutely should be white. But not all brides, especially nowadays, think in this way. Many brides-to-be are moving towards a somewhat different trend, and moving away from the classic elements that used to be part of weddings of the past.

The subject of the story we want to tell you about here is one of these modern brides and, on her wedding day, she amazed all of her guests by appearing in a look that was completely different than that which would be regarded as classic. Let's find out about all the details of this story together:

Jäsche is a young, 24-year-old German model who, some time ago, got married to her fiancé. The two met for the first time in 2017, when she was 19 and he was 20. After 4 years of being engaged, they decided to get married and organized a stylish ceremony. What aroused the most interest, however, was the choice the model made regarding the dress she would wear.

Typically, at a wedding, one expects to see the groom in an elegant dark suit and his better half in a beautiful, white, flowing wedding dress. In this case, however, Jäsche left everyone speechless. The young woman, in fact, showed up in a sparkling, pink pants suit - with matching jacket and trousers.

This was a very unique look that attracted the attention of many women and brides-to-be, who really liked her choice. She herself, however, was keen to point out that at first she had opted for a classic white dress, but, due to an unforeseen event, she had fallen back on wearing something else. "Why not make it more fun at that point?", said Jäsche. And so she did, and it was and the immediate success.

After all, who said that a bride should always wear a classic white dress? Nobody. Which is why Jäsche took a different path and launched a novel trend.


Many, in fact, commented on the photos of the wedding day, showing their and declaring that they wanted to follow her example. The important thing, in fact, is not to "bow" to unwritten rules and follow customs just for the sake of fitting in. What is fundamental, and comes before anything else, is to be at ease with one's choices. So if a white dress is not for one and we prefer a pink, red, purple or rainbow-colored one, so be it. Let's unleash our imaginations and do what we really like (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone).

Do you agree with this philosophy?

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