Bridesmaid vents about how much a bachelorette party cost her and her friends -
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Bridesmaid vents about how much a bachelorette…
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Bridesmaid vents about how much a bachelorette party cost her and her friends

June 21, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

At the mention of the word "wedding", usually, everyone jumps to attention. Relatives, friends, and guests in general take steps to find the perfect gift to give the couple and an outfit to wear at the ceremony. But does anyone ever fully consider how expensive such an event can be? A fact that does not only impact the spouses and their families, but involves anyone else who is invited to the wedding - especially those who will play the role of being a witness or a bridesmaid.

The young oman we want to tell you about in this article knows a little something about this. She, nominated to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of one of her friends, raised a tricky question: is it right to invest so much money for something that only really involves other people? Let's see what happened:

The subject of this story is Erin, a young woman who, for the first time after her sister's wedding, was chosen as a bridesmaid by a friend of hers. And this choice put her in a quandry. What made her reluctant was not the role she had to fill, but the money she would have to invest. The woman has posted a video on social media in which she describes her doubts and asks for some advice.

Going viral on the web, the post got a very high number of views and comments. In the video, Erin says that, as a bridesmaid for her friend, both she and her other friends of her had found themselves looking at fairly high expenses for the bachelorette party. "It was a bachelorette party that eventually turned into a 5-day vacation,"  she says in the video. " The problem was not so much the event, but the expense. All of us, in addition to paying $ 240 for the hotel and $ 400 for a flight each, also divided the cost for the bride's room and for her plane ticket. The expenses rocketed and, honestly, I found it a bit unfair," she said.

The young woman continued to recount other negative things that happened and which pushed the expenses even higher. Apparently, one of the participants withdrew at the last minute and the per capita figure would need to be increased even more - which is why this woman decided to share her dilemma on social media and seek advice. Many users who responded to her social media post agreed that a bridesmaid can offer to cover a drink or a dinner for the bride during the celebration, but they thought it absurd that it was an obligation to cover the expenses of the entire trip. From this specific topic, a lengthly thread began on how expensive weddings are in general and on how much each participant should reasonably invest for a single day.

Is it right to spend a lot of money on the organization of the wedding or not? What do you think?

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