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"No one else can wear white, I don't…
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"No one else can wear white, I don't want children to attend and must not be put under stress": the rules of a bride-to-be

May 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Almost every little girl or young woman fantasizes about their wedding day. Those who consider it to be one of the most important moments in their lives, obsessively think about the day and all the detailed plans that will need to be made. Starting from the dress, moving on to the ceremony, the banquet and, then, the gifts, confetti, decorations, bouquets and so much more. All of these plans are aimed to ensure that the event will run to perfection, and, hopefully, will remain in the memory and fondly in the hearts of both the new spouses and the guests. In order for all this to happen and the ceremony to run flawlessly, it is usually necessary to spend a lot of money. But what if something goes wrong after all these preparations and the money is spent?

For the subject of this story, hitches and other unforeseen events happening on her wedding day are not even a vague possibility. For this reason and to this end, she has compiled a list of strict rules that everyone will have to respect. Let's find out what this list looks like together:

Kennedy Marks is a future bride who has decided, by publishing a video to TikTok, to make it clear to everyone that there will be a set of strict rules to be followed on her wedding day. Not one, not two, not three, but 13 precise and detailed rules that leave no room for doubt or ambiguity. What is this young woman asking for in her rule set? Above all, no one else - not even the bridesmaids - can wear a white dress. She has to stand out and be the focus and no one should even remotely mistake who the bride is on the day.

"I absolutely do not want children to attend, unless it has previously agreed to," said the young woman. She continued: "I love children, mind you, but I don't want them there screaming, jumping or running around the place while I'm dancing my first dance as a married woman". Her clarity is her trump card, apparently, since in addition to detailing the rules themselves, she also gives a precise explanation for the reasons for each request.

Another rule: no one must bring people who have not been invited by the spouses, so the typical "plus one" is not acceptable, especially if the person is unknown to them. The list continues, as described by the bride-to-be: "I don't want boring people to attend; I demand that there are no cell phones because I don't want the hassle; everyone must be polite with the staff otherwise I will kick them out; and no one can make personal announcements - especially on the microphone - otherwise it risks pushing me into the background and I absolutely don't want that" .

In short, there must be nothing that is not planned and she, and to some extent, ther groom, must be the undisputed stars on (and for) the whole day. "And also, don't stress me out! If you have something to say about these rules, take it up with my mother, not with me," she said.

Although Kennedy has not yet been proposed to and does not yet have a ring on her finger, she has very clear ideas about what she wants (and doesn't want) at her wedding, and has seen fit to make this public well in advance to prepare everyone - including all her friends and relatives. No one will be able to say that they have not been warned and cannot act surprised if they are kicked off the dance floor or turned away because they showed up with their children.

After all, the rules are rules and, in addition to personal choices, they have another important driver: money. Considering that the expenses for the day will not be insignificant, the woman does want there to be any mistakes and nothing must be allowed to ruin the special day.


Obviously the young woman's post attracted many comments, all very different from each other. There are those who agree with her and would adopt the same set of rules at their weddings; and then there are those who, on the other hand, think they are too presumptious. "It's also your husband's celebration -  you can't choose everything by yourself," said one comment. The commentator goes on to wonder if Kennedy has forgotten about her spouse and has made a plan that completely ignores any of his wishes for the day.

In this scenario, we hope Kennedy is able to find the right person - someone who loves her unconditionally and is willing to accept all her wedding day "commandments".

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