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This woman only washes and showers once…
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This woman only washes and showers once a week

May 23, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Most of us are used to washing ourselves every day. It makes us feel good, we get clean, fragrant and also become energized. A nice refreshing shower, in fact, can help you wake up and get your whole body back into motion. There are those, however, who do not think this way and have many so-called good reasons for deciding that the frequency of washing themselves can be greatly reduced.

The subject of this story has decided not to waste time having a daily shower and to do this only once a week. Let's see what she said in the video she posted to her social media account.

The subject of our story is Reina, a young woman who has talked on social media about her decision to wash herself only once a week. Some time ago, Reina explained the reasons that led her to this non-washing routine of hers. In a video posted to TikTok, which got a massive number of views, Reina gives her audience 4 simple reasons why she doesn't wash frequently.

1. The time commitment. Yes, Reina doesn't particularly like "wasting" time: getting into the shower, lathering up, washing off the soap and then drying her body and hair. Not really for her and she prefers to spend this time doing other things.

2. She can't stand wet hair. It is a feeling that bothers and annoys her in particular. If you are thinking that  just 10 minutes of using a hair dryer are enough to solve this problem, unfortunately you are wrong. Reina cannot stand the noise of the hairdryer and she prefers, when she washes her hair, to let it dry naturally. This means that her hair stays wet longer and her boredom with this state of affairs increases.

3. She has found a solution for her irritable skin problems. "Since I don't shower every day, I've noticed an improvement in my skin. Eczema and dryness have decreased and my scalp is in better shape too," she says in the video.

4. "I don't like to waste. I don't use a lot of water and soap and there is a real economic and ecologically friendly gain here," she says as she concludes the list of reasons why she has decided to change her lifestyle.


One might say these are all respectable and understandable reasons, but her lifestyle is certain to raise several questions. Chief among them: given washing so infrequently, won't she smell bad most of the time? Well, a follower asked her this question directly and the answer was quite comprehensive:

Reina writes in response to the question: "Probably so. But that's the way it is for everyone - we are human beings. It is true that I do not sweat very much and this helps a lot, together with the daily use of deodorant. I can assure you that this is the truth: over the years I have worked with children and they have no qualms about telling one about one's failings and shortcomings. If I was giving off a bad smell, they would have told me so, without a shadow of a doubt ".

In conclusion, Reina doesn't seem to worry too much about her decision (or its impact on others). Her routine of washing only once a week does not appear to affect her daily life or her social life.

Could this be a viable alternative lifestyle for others? What do you think?

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