Grandparents go out to dinner with their…
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Grandparents go out to dinner with their grandchildren, see a 90-year-old man all alone and invite him to eat with them

June 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Being elderly brings with it having a lot of life experience. The elderly have lived through many different situations, and are able to share their gathered wisdom with others - but what if one is all alone in the world? What happens then? You simply don't have many opportunities to socialize and loneliness could become a debilitating condition. And this was the case of the man we are about to tell you about in this story.

Fortunately, however, even at 90 years old, life still manages to serve up some surprises, putting the right people in the path of a lucky man or a woman - as happened in this case. Here, we will tell you about a touching gesture of generosity, kindness and altruism - and it was a "double serving". Read on to find out all about this story:

Some time ago, Ali and Chris, proud grandparents, were out to dinner with their two grandchildren at a restaurant in Yarrawonga, Australia. On this evening - which started like so many others - something new happened. Sitting at their table and intent on eating their dinner, at one point they noticed an old man eating alone in the restaurant. Everyone has seen people eating by themselves in a restaurant, but perhaps few would have thought of acting like how Ali and Chris did.

Something clicked in the minds of the two, and, without further delay, they decided to invite the lonely man to join with them and to have his meal with them. So, they sent their 8-year-old granddaughter over to Phil - the man's name - and invited him to come to their table. The 90-year-old didn't think twice and got up and joined them. He then proceeded to entertain everyone with stories from his life.

Helen, Ali's sister, then posted this story to the Facebook group, The Kindness Pandemic. She did this so as to inform as many of her followers as possible and make known that a simple gesture of kindness is not that difficult to make in today's world. Helen wrote in her post: "I was moved when my sister told me what had happened. It does not happen very often that we get to witness such kind acts, and it is nice when they happen because we can also regain some faith in the world and in humanity. My sister made this gesture because she had the following thought: if he was one of our parents, would she like it if someone invited him over to their table instead of leaving him all on his own? The answer was yes, and so she did. "


And Helen is right. This is sound reasoning and logic and perhaps each of us should do the same in similar situations. When Ali got up to go to pay the bill, she got a surprise herself: someone had already settled the bill. Yes, a table that had witnessed the event and applauded the kindliness shown towards the lone pensioner, had decided to pay the family's restaurant bill.

After all, generosity always generates more generosity and this is a wonderful thing. Let's take an example from this family and do something to help make the world we live in a better place.


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