Friends of the spouses show up with their uninvited children: the restaurant fines them for exceeding booked guest numbers -
Friends of the spouses show up with…
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Friends of the spouses show up with their uninvited children: the restaurant fines them for exceeding booked guest numbers

May 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Organizing a wedding requires a lot of attention and dedication. Time must be spent choosing each element both for the ceremony and for the reception. Each choice, addition or cut also depends on the budget that each couple has available for that day. There are, in fact, those who decide to spend an almost princely sum on a wedding in which a large number of guests are invited. And then there are those who, on the contrary, opt for a more scaled-down version in which the participants are kept to a small number and the whole affair is a much more intimate one. And this is the choice made by the subject of this story and her husband.

In a post on Reddit, this woman writes that, during her wedding and despite the precise planning of each aspect of it, something that went wrong. She and her husband had organized a ceremony with close relatives and friends and for this reason they had reserved necessary space for their reception in a small venue with limited capacity. No problem so far. Once the guests had been invited and confirmed, no problems should have arisen, but this did not happen.

via: Reddit

The new bride said: "One of my guests showed up at the wedding with her two children. There would have been no problem if she had warned me beforehand. Instead, the children had not been invited and in theory, there was no place for them. Regardless of this, the four of them sat down at a table, taking away the seats of other guests on our list ".

This incident, according to what the Reddit user wrote, has created chaos and attracted the attention of the owner of the venue. After find out what had happend and considering that the couple had signed a contract in which they accepted the rules of the venue, the manager fined them for not respecting the number of people who could be admitted to the reception.

The author of the post continued: "Once the fine arrived, I sent it to my guest asking her to take care of it since the problem had been caused by her. She immediately replied that she would not pay because it was not her fault. She hadn't been able to find a babysitter on the day and had to bring her children with her. She told me that instead of asking her for money, I should appreciate the fact she had actually decided to attend the wedding. Then she added that the responsibility for the fine was mine because I hadn't made provision for any unforeseen expenses ".


Many follwers who read the post have sided with the bride. Many have argued that her friend could have acceepted her responsibilities and made another choice - for example, staying at home with her children. Or, she could have contacted the bride and discussed the problem beforehand so that no one got into trouble.

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