Student sends an invitation for her graduation party to the wrong address: a stranger gives her a pleasant surprise

Mark Bennett

May 18, 2022

Student sends an invitation for her graduation party to the wrong address: a stranger gives her a pleasant surprise

Many young people set out to achieve one goal in life: graduation. Those who undertake university studies and manage to reach their graduation day, can't wait to be able to gather with relatives and friends to celebrate their achievement. Many of us did this and, perhaps, in order to ensure everyone we wanted attended, we sent invitations out by post, left a message, sent an email or made a phone call to give all the details for the event.

The subject of the story we are about to tell you, pretty much did exactly that which we have just described in terms of sending out invitations to her graduation celebration. About to graduate, this young woman sent out invitations to family and friends who she wanted to have with her at her celebration. So, what went wrong? She had used the wrong address for one group of people she intended to invite. The young woman only found out about this after receiving a letter from a stranger. Let's see what this stranger wrote to the young graduate:

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In her emotionally charged state, the graduate student wrote and sent an invitation to her friends to an address where she was convinced they still lived. A few days later, instead of receiving an answer from her friends, the young woman got a note from a stranger in her mailbox.

In the letter, posted by the subject of this story to Reddit, we read that the people to whom the invitation was addressed no longer lived at the address and that she, the author of the note, do not have an address where the correspondence could be forwarded to. Given this, the stranger had been forced to send the invitation back to graduate. Fortunately, sometimes life holds pleasant surprises for us and for this young woman, this is exactly what happened.

In fact, in the letter, the stranger, a woman, did not limit herself to simply explaining the situation, but she congratulated the graduate on her upcoming celebration. "I take this opportunity to congratulate you. I do not know you, but I am very proud of you and for the success you have achieved. We women always have a lot to prove in the world of science, and I am happy to know that you have achieved your goal. I'm a mother of two boys and I didn't want to miss this opportunity to wish you all the best. "

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Moving words full of affection, and especially because they were written by a stranger to a person she didn't even know. Everything became even more wonderful and exciting when the graduate student, in addition to the note, also found a $20 dollar bill included in the envelope - a small gift from a stranger as a token wishing the student a bright and successful future.

Users comments to the girl's post were quick in coming and everyone applauded and appreciated the wonderful and genuine gesture from this stranger. She could have ignored the invitation, or simply returned the letter to sender - but no, she acted from the heart and gave the student something to smile about on her most important day.

We hope that, sooner or later, all of us will have the opportunity to meet or come in contact with at least one person with a heart as big as this woman has.