As soon as he is hired he asks for information about the salary and the boss responds: "I don't want people who are only interested in money" -
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As soon as he is hired he asks for information…
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As soon as he is hired he asks for information about the salary and the boss responds: "I don't want people who are only interested in money"

April 26, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Work is the means by which everyone obtains the resources for their livelihood and is enshrined in the foundations of many modern legal systems. In short, the country we live in should recognize and promote conditions so that all citizens are recognized this right to work. Unfortunately, however, it is not always clear that the state will be able to remove all obstacles of a prejudicial social and economic nature to guarantee equality amongst its citizens and to ensure that each of them can freely choose the profession or activity they want to engage in. Perhaps this is why most of us are more interested in the economic aspect of a job than in the actual pleasure we get in doing it. In fact, both the economic aspect and the enjoyment of work should, ideally, go hand in hand.

For the subject of this story, however, it was a "risky" move to ask his boss when he would be paid.

via: Reddit

image: Reddit

The subject of this story posted his unpleasant experience on Reddit, informing followers of how he was "fired" even before starting work. The reason? Asking about his salary. The man published the conversation he had on Whatsapp with his (ex) -manager, provoking the reaction of many followers, who took the side of the (now ex) employee. The employee's "fault" was asking about his salary and when he would be paid: "Oh, I forgot to ask: how often will we be paid?". "Every 2 weeks," was the brief answer from the employer; "Okay. And when will I get paid for the first time?" the employee asked, but the boss's response was brutal: "I've changed my mind - I'd like to hire someone who's truly interested in the job."

The employee immediately replied that he was interested in the job and working at the company, but that the salary information was still important because it would help him calculate how and when to pay his bills.

His boss, however, did not want to hear his reasons: "No problem. You keep looking. I am looking for a person who is willing to work in harmony with the team and in this environment. I am not looking for candidates whose priority is only the salary. You didn't ask me for any information on staff, uniforms, etc .. ". The employee replied to his boss that his priority was to educate his children - which is his responsibility - but added that he can't do it very well if he doesn't have enough money to pay for food, gas bills, or housing, adding: "I only asked about pay because I was so nervous during the interview that I forgot to bring it up and my wife reminded me."

Reddit followers empathized with the employee, pointing out that the boss's inability to write a message using proper grammar was already a bad sign. "I doubt you would get paid," commented one person, while another added, "Asking about when you can expect to be paid, the payment method and frequency of payment are all valid questions to ask before starting a new job. ".

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