She suggests her broke friend finds a job, but is snubbed: "I just want some money, I don't want to work"

Mark Bennett

March 31, 2022

She suggests her broke friend finds a job, but is snubbed:

Not all friendships are based on mutual trust and sincerity - many turn out over time to be only relationships of conveniece in which tone party simply takes advantage of the other. This is a common experience that everyone has experienced at least once – a moment when we realized that a person we thought was a great friend turned out to be actually a profiteer and that they had lied to us and used us. This was a situation in which Emily, the subject of this bizarre story, found herself.

via Emily Peirov/TikTok


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On her TikTok profile, Emily recounted an exchange of messages she had with her friend through WhatsApp - messages that were then copied and promptly published as images in support of the TikTok video, where the girl strongly condemns the words and the behavior of her friend. Emily in fact told her followers that her friend, Kassandra, had been having difficulty for some time to find a job and that she was having a problem making ends meet. Complicating the situation, was also the fact that this woman was a single mother who found it difficult to buy essential goods for her newborn baby.

Certainly, this was a difficult situation, but Emily wanted to try to help her, lending money to Kassandra when she could, and getting it back a little at a time. But after a while, it turned out that Kassandra was no longer making any loan repayments. So, after the umpteenth private message from her friend asking her for financial help to buy milk and diapers for the baby, an exasperated Emily couldn't take it anymore and she instead suggested, somewhat ironically, that Kassandra should find a job if she really needed money.

But this is not exactly what Emily had written...

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Kassandra resented the suggestion her friend had made, stating that she did not want charity and did not want to be pitied. Moreover, she said she would not accept any job at that time because she had to take care of her newborn: "I just asked you to give me a hand, not that you would have invaded my private life like this. You are a bad friend, I don’t like your attitude towards me at all!", Kassandra replied.

Emily, in response, tried to explain to Kassandra that her intentions were kind and sincere and pointed out that, despite everything, she shouldn't have answered her this way since it was Kassandra who, for the fifth time in a row, had not repaid any of the money that she had lent her for her baby. "I already told you I don't want to work, I don't like it. And if you're not going to lend me the money, don't waste your time with me anymore!", raged Kassandra. And eventually, she blocked Emily on WhatsApp.

This unpleasant outcome was obviously welcomed by the TikTok users who read about the absurd story and sided with Emily.

You, on the other hand? How would you have reacted if a friend of yours had given you a similar reply?