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Elderly granny opens the door to a stranger…
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Elderly granny opens the door to a stranger who asked for directions and finds herself facing her favorite actor

April 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The beauty of life is that, when we least expect it, it gives us some unexpected surprises; whether they are negative or positive, it does not matter - the unpredictability of things is one of the characteristics that make our fates and our accumulated life experiences worth living to the last moment. And this is one thing that this 86-year-old American granny will have learned very well. One morning she found herself opening the door of her house to one of the most famous movie stars of all time; and she had thought it was going to be the delivery men who were bringing her her new refrigerator!

This incredible event happened to Juanita Hubbard, a granny who is "only" 86 years old and who currently lives in the southern suburbs of Chicago, USA. The woman was waiting for a knock on her door for the delivery of a new refrigerator. This was a much-expected delivery and Juanita was looking forward to celebrating by filling the new fridge with all the groceries she had already bought. But the van she was waiting didn't turn up - what did turn up was a nondescript car carrying one of the 86-year-old lady's favorite actors ...

It turns out, just that very day, Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington was passing through Chicago, and while he was searching for a famous restaurant to have lunch at, he got lost and stopped to ask some of the local residents for directions. Many of the residents, astonished that they were talking to one of their greatest idols, suggested to him to make a quick stop at Juanita Hubbard's house, because they knew that the 86-year-old woman was one of his biggest fans!

When Juanita heard a knock at her door, she was convinced it was the delivery men who were finally bringing her her new refrigerator, but then she found her favorite actor on her doorstip. Motivated by the suggestions and pleas from the local relatives and friends of the granny, Denzel Washington had turned up to say hello to the elderly lady who everyone knew was his biggest fan.

Obviously, the surprising event was immortalized by many photographs that have travelled around the web rapidly since Juanita herself published them on her Facebook account: "Everything he plays, every film he stars in, he is my favorite. I never thought he would show up at my door. He was always one of those people I wanted to meet, but I didn't think I could ever one day experience this emotion! ", said the still incredulous elderly woman.


Who is your favorite actor, and how would you react if one day he or she came knocking on your door?


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