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Woman gets sterilized at 25 years old…
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Woman gets sterilized at 25 years old and shares her joy after the surgery: "Having children was never an option"

March 31, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

We are all "victims", in a sense, of the standards and obligations imposed, consciously or not, by our society. There is the belief, for example, that a woman must meet certain standards of beauty by resorting to hair removal and makeup, or, even worse, that a woman is only complete when she has a child. The truth is that everyone is free to make their own choices without feeling constrained, especially when it comes to a topic as important as that of having children.

When a very young woman argues with conviction that she does not want to have children, she often gets sideways looks or is told that one day she will change her mind and regret not following her maternal instincts. Abby Ramsey wanted to disprove all this by being sterilized at the age of 25. To do so, she went against the advice of everyone, but she stuck to her convictions.

Abby Ramsey grew up in a very religious, very Catholic family, and unsurprisingly encountered many obstacles on her path to sterilization. Her family, however, was not the only one to oppose her choice: no doctor wanted to associate themselves with performing the procedure on such a young woman. The reasoning of all the doctors, in the end, was that Abby was too young to undergo an irreversible procedure like sterilization: what if she changes her mind one day in the future? Nowadays, there are many alternative methods to avoid getting pregnant - which are very effective and less invasive - but she Abby claims none of these methods are ever 100% effective.

For her, having children was never an option and never will be.

It was hard for Abby to find a doctor who would carry out her wish, but after 6 years of going in and out of different clinics, she finally found someone who supported her. The video in which she announces her sterilization went viral, with over 4 million views, and was published by the young woman after undergoing her surgery. Abby is not at all regretful of her choice and she reiterates:

"There is this idea that there is an internal biological clock that all women have. The belief that if you go all the way and have the baby, the maternal instinct will take over and magically fix everything. And this is what a woman should do for humanity or for society. But many of these ideas are harmful - not only for people without children, but also for parents. "


Of course, Abby received a lot of criticism related to her drastic decision to sterilize herself at age 25, but she was also praised for going all the way with her ideas, despite "the whole world" being against her. The "rules" imposed by our society are not necessarily all unassailable or perfect, and Abby has had the courage to question them in order to follow her beliefs. This, if nothing else, certainly deserves recognition.

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