Couple recycle two shipping containers and turn them into the low-cost home they've always dreamed of -
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Couple recycle two shipping containers…
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Couple recycle two shipping containers and turn them into the low-cost home they've always dreamed of

April 04, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Today, it is more and more difficult to be able to buy a home of one's own. The savings many have are simply not enough to afford this and often one has to tighten one's belt just to make it to the end of the month, or one has to make many tough sacrifices to be able to reach the objective of owning a home. This is a fact of life that young couples today know about very well. They know that, in the end, in order not to become slaves to a mortgage, they will have to rent an apartment. But today we want to tell you a brilliant story about making savings that is going viral around the world for how ingenious it was!

Meet Dave and Jaimie Hinckle, a middle-aged couple who live with their three children in the city of Vancouver, in the US state of Washington.  For years, the Hinckle family had struggled to pay the mortgage on their home, and over time, the sacrifices had become truly unsustainable and insufficient to cover the cost their housing. This couple absolutely had to do something to change their lives, but the real question was what?

In 2014, after accumulating four years of outstanding mortgage payments and other outstanding debts, the couple made a courageous decision: they sold their Vancouver home and with the money from the sale (a respectable $ 65,000 dollars), paid off their debts and then they bought a plot of land which was being used to raise goats on in Cowlitz County, Washington state.

After buying the land, this couple then took the bravest decision of their lives: they decided to put two metal, shipping containers together and transformed them into the low-cost home of their dreams. It was very hard work, but in the end they finally succeeded. Not everything was easy though, and the construction costs were quite expensive at first: "We didn't realize that turning on the water costs $ 10,000 dollars, hooking up the electricity costs $ 9,000 dollars. Installing a septic tank costs $ 12,000 dollars, and the shipping containers were pretty expensive too. We were almost penniless before we even started. "


This was a very difficult challenge for the couple, which in the summer of 2015, suddenly had to be interrupted due to Dave suffering a cerebral hemorrhage (which fortunately Dave managed to eventually overcome). After three exhausting months of rehabilitation, Dave was back to his beloved containers, and not without a struggle to keep going. But working on transforming the two containers into their dream home was basically therapeutic for the man - so much so that about ten months after leaving the hospital and the end of a long rehabilitation period, the house "in the woods" was basically finished!

You are able to take a virtual "tour" inside and outside of the container house of Dave and Jaimie Hinckle by following their official Instagram profile. You get to see with your own eyes, the fruits of their great commitment and perseverance:

Would you like to live in a house like this?

Of course, the construction costs for a home like this are not within everyone's reach, but certainly Dave and Jaimie are now very far from a life which is weighed down by constant mortgage payments, and this is something not to be underestimated these days!


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