These seven-month-old twins are so "big" that their mother dresses them in one-year-old baby clothes -
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These seven-month-old twins are so "big"…
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These seven-month-old twins are so "big" that their mother dresses them in one-year-old baby clothes

March 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The birth of a child is always welcomed with great joy by the parents and also by the relatives and closest friends. Alexis LaRue, a young 22-year-old mom, knew she was pregnant with twins, but she had no idea how incredibly big and special her daughters would be. Camila and Elena are the two little girls that Alexis gave birth to in March 2021. At birth, the two girls were at a normal and common weight for newborn girls - but only seven months later their weight increased exponentially. Camila and Elena, in fact, have reached an incredible "stature" for being two girls who are only seven months old!

via: Mirror

Alexis was 21 when she found out she had become pregnant by her partner, Leo Mejia, 23. The couple were delighted with this happy news - so much so that the young mother said she had finally reached her most important goal in her life, which was to become a mother. "My only goal in life was to become a mom, so I was incredibly happy that my dream was coming true," she enthused. She then added: "I was only in the first six weeks of pregnancy when I had my first ultrasound and we saw two small, developing foetuses on the screen."

No one expected that Alexis was carrying twins in her womb, as there were no precedent for this in the family, and this is why it was an unexpected, but wonderful, surprise for the two young, new parents to be.

However, Alexis was expecting to give birth to small-statured twins and she had braced herself for this idea, buying all the most suitable clothes based on this expectation. In reality, the two little girls grew very quickly - so much so that they reached an unprecedented weight at the age of only 7 months. Some users even accused Alexis of feeding the two girls too much, but according to what Alexis stated, the little ones drank just under 200ml of milk every two hours. At the age of seven months the twins were already "gigantic" and preparing to be weaned.


Mum reported that her seven-month-old twins are comfortably wearing dresses and rompers for kids from 12 to 18 months of age! This, in addition to all the videos that Alexis posts to her TikTok account, makes it clear just how big these beautiful girls are. In fact, it was when Alexis started posting some scenes from their family life on TikTok, that she realized that her daughters were developing much faster than normal. The pediatrician for the girls, however, has not expressed any concern about it - they are simply growing up very fast!

Elena and Camila, in fact, are in excellent health and are very happy. So, remember that every child is different and one of a kind!


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