This restaurant bans patrons with tattoos, designer clothes, and flashy jewelry -
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This restaurant bans patrons with tattoos,…
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This restaurant bans patrons with tattoos, designer clothes, and flashy jewelry

March 30, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Everyone is free to do what they want with their life - style their hair as they want, put on make-up as they wish and dress in clothes that best represent their personal identity and taste. In the society that we all live today, we fortunately have the freedom to be what we want, without experiencing prejudice. Yet it seems that in some public places, some aesthetic choices - or just simply physical appearance - are not well welcome at all. For this reason, the choice of a renowned ethnic restaurant in Sydney, Australia, no longer appreciates the presence of a particular type of clientele, and is causing a lot of discussion on the web ...

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Despite the recent news, the show must go on! Bedouin will remain open as per usual, with some additional changes to our...

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The restaurant in question is called Double Bay's Bedouin Restaurant and is one of the most renowned ethnic cuisine venues in the great Australian metropolis of Sydney. The owner is drawing a lot of attention to himself after he published a notice to all his specific customers. The owner of the renowned club has officially banned customers wearing visible tattoos, wearing dresses with low-cuts or excessively revealing or suggestive dresses, and individuals who wear precious gems or jewelry. A dress code was also imposed on the restaurant's staff.

However, there is a reason behind this bizarre choice, and the owner of Double Bay's Bedouin Restaurant Poata Okeroa, explains with these words: "We appreciate all our customers and all parts of the Sydney community who have always chosen to eat at our restaurant, but we have simply chosen to implement some house rules, and these include a dress code that discourages appearances that we find inappropriate. "

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In a nutshell, the restaurant discourages any customer from eating there if they want to wear clothes that are too flashy and revealing, have tattoos that are too obvious and "aggressive" or have very expensive jewelry due to their inappropriate nature and not being appreciated by other patrons who prefer an atmosphere which is more "discreet". This choice, however, immediately generated many protests and controversies - not only among the regular customers - but also among members of the local administration. Richard Shields, Sydney city councilor said, "The restrictions listed by the restaurant preclude a large chunk of customers on the eastern outskirts of the city. As for tattoos, I have never been a huge fan of the practice, but I strongly advocate for the rights of people who choose to have them on their skin and to be able to express themselves in the way they want. "

And you, what do you think of the policy of this restaurant? Is it an attack on personal freedom or a valid restriction?


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