Family hears a strange buzzing sound in the bathroom and discovers 80,000 bees behind the shower wall -
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Family hears a strange buzzing sound…
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Family hears a strange buzzing sound in the bathroom and discovers 80,000 bees behind the shower wall

March 29, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Everyone in life has an instinctual fear of something: be it for spiders, snakes and other insects, every human being has their own particular phobia. There are also people who are afraid of noises in their homes - noises like those that apparently have no obvious cause. Creaks, bumps, banging - noises we all sometimes hear in our homes and that we just do not know where they come or what caused them. What we are about to tell you is the story of a dull, constant noise that just didn't want to go away inside a family's home and that turned out to have a very unexpected origin ...

Stefanie and Dan Graham had recently bought a wood house in which to live with their children and their dog - but after some time, they noticed that all along the corridor, near the bathroom, there was a low hum which appeared to have no obvious origin or cause. Where exactly was this hum coming from and what was causing it, the family puzzled? When the Graham couple finally discovered that that mysterious noise was coming from the bathroom, they could never have imagined what was causing the disturbing, constant noise...

Well, it turned out that the cause of the noise were bees - lots of bees nesting behind the shower wall. Dan and Stefanie, while surprised, weren't all that upset by this development, as they'd been dealing with these pollinating insects for months. In the past, Dan had already torn down a wall of the house infested with bee colonies, had carefully removed the largest hive and made some improvements to the house, renovating some rooms to more comfortably accommodate the whole Graham family. The couple was convinced that they had ended their encounters with these insects, but instead, this was not the end of the affair...


Apparently, a second hive had been set up by the insects during the time when the house was being renovated, and when the wooden roof was vulnerable and exposed. Entering into the exposed roof crevices, some bees from the first hive clearly earlier saw an opportunity to re-colonize the house, and they did just that. Unfortunately, however, coexistence between the bees in the bathroom shower wall and the Graham family could not be allowed to continue in this way, and so they called a specialist to remove the second hive.

Elisha Bixler, a bee specialist, recounted her experience in the Graham house with these words: "As soon as I saw where the bees were, I started removing the bathroom tiles and discovered this huge hive of over two meters in diameter. Most of it was honey! And according to my calculations, there were about 80,000 bees in the hive! "

This is a mind-boggling number for a beehive, and we would not wish this unexpected, somewhat dangerous find on anyone. Elisha eventually managed to move the huge hive safely out of the bathroom and was able to collect the queen bee and place her inside a holding cage. From there, all the other bees  followed her out of the shower wall to colonize some other location. This task took the beekeeper more than five hours to complete!

This misfortune, we would wish on nobody - even if the story had a sweet ending (just like the honey that the 80,000 bees had produced inside Dan and Stefanie's bathroom wall)!


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