She leaves her boyfriend who has fallen…
These two 4-year-old girls insist they are twins:

She leaves her boyfriend who has fallen in love with her sister, and then finds out that her mother wants to go to their wedding

March 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The family is certainly a place where, growing up, we feel most at ease and where we know we are "protected" - at least, this is what everyone, from childhood, should feel when being together with parents and other members of the family. Growing up, you become adults and make choices, such as who will be your partner and to build a life together with him/her. It is said, however, that you cannot choose your family (it's an "accident" of birth, so to speak!). And, for better or for worse, we have to deal with our families for all of our lives. The story we are about to tell you, however, is really very strange and we hope that none of you have ever been in such a situation.

A woman (Jennifer, 30) discovered that her boyfriend had fallen in love with her younger sister (28), devastating her heart. As if that weren't enough, she later learned that her mom was going to her sister's and her ex-boyfriend's wedding. This news obviously left her speechless and distraught.

via: Reddit

How would it make you feel if your mother supported the marriage of your sister who is getting married to your ex-boyfriend? Jennifer, the unfortunate subject of this story, will probably have felt that the world had ended. Giving air to this story was the mother of the two girls, who wrote on Reddit seeking sincere advice from the users. Jennifer, the eldest daughter, was engaged and was about to marry Sam - an event that was canceled before it could be celebrated, due to an unlikely romance springing up between Sam and Jennifer's younger sister, Hayleigh. We can only imagine the family drama that has arisen as a result of this strange story: how can thet hese sisters even continue to talk to each other again? But the point is not this - the story gets worse: Sam and Hayleigh are now getting married and, of course, Hayleigh and her mother would like to attend the wedding. Her hesitation, of course, is that if she did so, she could hurt her eldest daughter's feelings.

The mother also explained that she initially talked to her younger daughter about the situation: "If Sam has cheated once, he can do it again" advised the mother - who obviously only wishes for the good for her daughters. Hayleigh, however, reassured her by telling her that she and Sam were meant for each other and had known this for a while. At that point, the mother dropped the discussion, trusting her younger daughter's decision to marry the man who had broken the heart of her elder daughter. Now, the only thing she wants is for Jennifer to be able to forgive and forget, so that she can put the pieces of the family back together again. She would like to support both of them, but the situation is getting more difficult every day and that is why she asked her difficult question on Reddit. The users did not mince words and stated how they felt that she was wrong in attending the marriage of her youngest daughter.

What would you say to this mother?

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