Bullied daughter snaps and reacts violently…
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Bullied daughter snaps and reacts violently towards her bully and her father is proud of her: this is very controversial

March 09, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Violence only breeds more violence, and this is certainly true - but what if once in a while resorting to violence is the only solution? This is a provocation position, of course, but that is exactly why this story has created so much controversy and discussion on the net. The father of a bullied girl admitted that he felt very proud of his daughter when she finally responded aggressively to her "tormentor", a bullying classmate who harassed her using verbal and psychological violence. This dad said he tried to end her daughter's ordeal using "good manners", but was unsuccessful, as the bully was from a wealthy family. His daughter, then probably at the end of her rope, responded with violence, hoping to teach a lesson to this person who harassed her every day.

via: The Sun

We know how cruel children can be to each other and how the phenomenon of bullying is increasingly present even among the youngest of age groups. In every school it is possible to find bullies who harass their peers just for the fun of it, and this should make us reflect on the education given to these young people. Words, then, can do more harm than physical violence, at times, and the girl who is the subject of this story had heard quite enough: "Don't come to school anymore because nobody likes you", or, "Why don't you just die" said the cruel bully to the young girl. And these words that evidently triggered the young victim to such an extent that she reacted aggressively and violently. Now the girl is in trouble for raising her hand against another student - but her father is secretly proud of her: "If it hadn't been for the fact that my wife was there, I would have given her high five!" .

The girl's father stated that he does not approve of the use of violence to resolve issues, but that he really hoped that this act of retaliation would serve to teach the bully a lesson. His daughter, on the other hand, admitted that she "felt better" after the incident. The debate, of course, was not long in coming, between those who claim that the child defended herself correctly and those who condemned the violence and stress that the harassment should have been reported to a "responsible adult".

This is a sensitive issue that highlights how much the school system and many families are completely unequipped to combat a phenomenon as dangerous and pervasive as bullying.


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