Neighbors park their SUV in her driveway:…
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Neighbors park their SUV in her driveway: she retaliates by getting it towed away

February 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Finding good neighbors isn't easy at all: when moving into a new home, the neighborhood's reputation must always be taken into consideration. Rude neighbors could make anyone's life hell! The subject of this story knows something about this - a single mother of two children - who suddenly found herself with the worst neighbors ever. When they moved into her house next to hers, that's when trouble started for her.

via: Reddit

The woman posted her long and controversial history with the new neighbors on Reddit, and the vast majority of users absolutely agreed with her opinion. It all seemed to have begun peacefully with "Jeleki2020" - the username chosen by the woman - who welcomed, with a friendliness that distinguishes good people, her new neighbors: a dad, mom and two teenage children. That said, the woman is a very private person, who has only one car - unlike all her neighbors who have at least two or three. The new neighbors, for example, had as many as four cars. In any case and despite the number of vehicles around, everyone had always behaved well in parking their cars correctly, and without bothering others. The story changed as soon as these new neighbors arrived.

One day, the father of the two teenagers from the house next to "Jeleki2020" came knocking on the neighbor's door with a strange request. The man had given his son, a new driver, a giant SUV for his birthday, but he was having trouble parking it on the street without bothering the other neighbors. The man's bizarre request was as follows: Would the woman allow her son to park the SUV in her driveway?

The woman was totally shocked by this brazen and bizarre request. She did not open her door to speak to the neigbor as her son had a cold, but she made it clear what her answer was. And her answer was adamant and emphatic: no, the boy could not park the SUV in her driveway for various reasons - including the fact that he would have blocked access to the house or ruined the lawn.

The neighbor did not take the woman's refusal very well, but had no option but to give up and leave. The woman, however, shaken by the unusual request, sent an email to the hosts' association (HOA) to notify theem as to what had just happened. She did not know if this action would help in the matter with her neighbor, but she hoped so. In the following days, the woman had to take her sick son to the hospital several times, and it was here that she again clashed with rude neighbors.

One day, as she was leaving the house to take her son to the doctor, she found the SUV parked in her driveway blocking her way! The woman flew into a rage and immediately ran over to knock on the door of the neighbors, who clearly showed they resented being interrupted while they were at the table having lunch.

"Your son parked the SUV in my driveway, I clearly told you he couldn't do it, I have to take my son to the doctor and that vehicle is blocking my way!" the woman yelled at the neighbor who had ignored her refusal. The neighbor, however, insisted that the SUV was not blocking her way, but his son would nevertheless move the car immediately. The woman warned him that next time, if something like this happened again, she would call the police. Once again, the woman sent an email to notify the landlords association of the incident.

Unfortunately, the same episode was repeated one evening, when the woman returned home exhausted after spending several hours at the emergency room with her son. The SUV was parked in her driveway again. This time, however, the woman wanted to keep her promise and ... she called a tow truck to remove the vehicle!
Thirty minutes later, the car was gone and the woman, in the meantime, advised the HOA again, by e-mail, about the incident. The next morning, as you can imagine, her neighbor knocked on her door asking her to get the car returned. Not happy with the woman's response that she would not, the neighbor called the police. The woman, however, had all the evidence of what had happened to show the policeman: all the e-mails notifying the association, the photos and a video of when the neighbor had come to her door to ask her where his son's car had gone. The conversation ended with the woman claiming that she would have to file a trespassing complaint.
All this was finally resolved with an appropriate $ 150 dollar fine for the neighbor's son and a promise from him that he would no longer park his car in other people's driveways. To round off the story, the neighbors have decided to replace the giant SUV with a smaller car, in order to make everyone's life easier. The only positive note of this story is that the woman has found a new friend in one of her neighbors, who has proposed to help her in case similar incidents occur in the future. This person reminds her a little of her grandfather and she is very happy that, in the end, this horrible story "found her a relative".
What would you have done if someone had invaded your property in this way?
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