Man lives for a whole year with a person hiding in his house without knowing it -
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Man lives for a whole year with a person…
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Man lives for a whole year with a person hiding in his house without knowing it

February 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Do you believe in ghosts? Many seriously believe that some supernatural entities of people who were once alive return to Earth in spirit form to torment humans with pranks and by creating many other disturbing situations and paranormal events. Objects in the house that move by themselves, or that inexplicably change position, or food that seems to disappear from the cupboard from one day to the next. But are these weird happenings really the work of ghosts or rather some stealthy and invisible thief who is robbing and deceiving us without our knowledge? This is a curious question that a 57-year-old man, who lives in Kasuya in Japan, asked himself for almost a year.

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Pubblicato da Michele Blum su Sabato 10 aprile 2021

This 57-year-old man who lives in Japan says he was confused about the sudden disappearance of objects and food from his home in the past year. For example, everything he bought and put away in the refrigerator often changed position or disappeared completely. At first the man thought he was simply being careless or forgetful, but after some time he noticed that this strange apparently "paranormal" phenomenon kept happening: but was he the victim of an unexpected theft that he was unaware of?

Tired of experiencing this curious and unnerving situation, the man decided to buy a number of new generation surveillance cameras and install them in the kitchen, right in front of the refrigerator that seemed to inexplicably "swallow" the food he bought. The recordings of the security cameras cleared up any doubt as to what was happening: there was a woman who sneaked into his kitchen every night, took food from the refrigerator, consumed it in front of the TV and then cleaned everything up later in the dead of night night. But if this was really the case, where on earth was this woman hiding all this time?

After a careful home investigation by the police, it was in fact discovered that the woman had been hiding for more than a year inside the Japanese man's house and lived undisturbed in a sort of closet above the wardrobe - sufficient space to place a mattress and some drinks. The woman, a homeless person named Tatsuko Horikawa, had managed to sneak into the house when its rightful owner had left the front door open for a few minutes without his supervision.

When the owner of the house slept peacefully at night, she sneaked out of the closet, opened the refrigerator, consumed food, watched TV and even took a shower in the bathroom of the house. How is it possible that the man for almost a year had not noticed anything? It's impossible to know, but the fact is that this absurd story is totally true surely makes us want to check every corner of our house: after all, you never know!


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