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Father punishes his daughter by cutting…
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Father punishes his daughter by cutting her hair short - and just because she got highlights: the controversy breaks out

February 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Parenting can become a real challenge as children enter adolescence, and is perhaps the most difficult and trying period for both kids and their "mums and dads" to face. It is in this period that young people begin to detach themselves from their parents and their beliefs. Conflicts and contradictions begin to emerge, but irrespective of what happens, a good parent knows he or she has to keep themselves up as a good role model. Unfortunately, however, it seems that not all parents are equal to the challenge. Indeed, the behavior of some parents turns out to be quite harmful to their children. This is the case of Christin Johnson's ex-husband, who punished her daughter unfairly, and acting cruelly and rudely towards her. This is a story that has rightly outraged the web.

Christin Johnson had given her teenage daughter, Kelsey, a full hair salon treatment for her birthday. The young woman was very happy to be able to take advantage of such a nice gift and to get some blonde highlights. What could be wrong about taking care of your hair and appearence? One would assume nothing, yet this gift didn't please Kelsey's dad and stepmother at all.

Kelsey spent a weekend with her father - as her parents are separated - and returned home very distraught. The reason for this? Her dad and stepmother didn't like her hairstyle with highlights, so they thought it would be "a good lesson" to cut her hair very short as a form of punishment. The girl returned home in tears and extremely upset - her hair completely ruined by the barbaric punishment. Christin, Kelsey's mother, was shocked when she saw her daughter's butchered hair. How dare they do such a thing?

We do not know if this revolting action was, in reality, a "punishment" against the ex-wife, but the fact is that it was poor Kelsey who suffered.


"This is what my daughter looks like on Sunday when I took her to see her father - and the other two photos are what happened today before she came back home to me... and all this because I allowed her to get the highlights for her birthday!" Christin wrote in a Facebook post. The very cruel actions of the father and stepmother, however, did not go unpunished. Many Facebook users commented on the incident strongly condemning the two and they were also fired from the voluntary fire brigade service which they were part of.

"This post broke my heart. Some parents have no idea of the impact this type of thing can have on a young woman. I'm very sorry," is one of the many comments made in response to Christin's post.

Thankfully, the employees at the beauty salon she attended made a nice wig for Kelsey, which she will wear while waiting for her hair to grow back. Kelsey has thus found her smile again, feeling a little more comfortable for now, thankfully.

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