Fired at 62 years old, she is replaced…
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Fired at 62 years old, she is replaced by a much younger employee: this is her story

February 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In a world where it is increasingly difficult for young people to find work and for the elderly it is increasingly a challenge to retire with dignity at a reasonable age, something is seriously amiss. The nature of the late-capitalist system, unfortunately, gives rise to many stories and examples that show that people are not exactly happy in their work and personal lives. Elektra, a 62-year-old woman, posted a heartfelt story on Twitter, in which she stated that she was fired from her company and replaced by a woman 40 years her junior. For Elektra, it was traumatic and also very humiliating: "I need a hug" reads her post, and also "I was good at what I did. All I did was that I just got older ...".

Is it possible that this company, and many entrepreneurs, treat people as if they have an expiration date? An employee constantly suffers the pressure of being replaceable and being able to be displaced by someone else at any time - and for virtually any reason. And as if that isn't enough, after reaching a certain age threshold, an employee can also feel that they are now regarded as "expired". Expired, because that's how employers make elderly employees feel. This phenomenon applies to everyone, but especially to women: "At 50 we become invisible" Elektra writes on Twitter, "I'm 62 now. I lost my job and was replaced by a 25 year old. They were trying to get me out for the past 3 years. It's humiliating and so painful. I was good at what I did. I'm just "expired"."  The woman then corrected the post, pointing out that her replacement was actually 22 years old.

This problem is not a trivial one, given that unemployed women between the ages of 50 and 61 are 18% less likely to be hired than women between the ages of 25 and 34. According to the Urban Institute, women aged 62 or over are 50% less likely to be accepted into a new job than those who fall into a lower age group (25- 34 years).

This sad state of affairs makes one reflect how an "elderly" man is often associated with an image of wisdom and how they are almost always a precious resource, rich in work and life experience. For a woman, however, as she gets older, she is seen by the employer as an exhausted, worn-out and replaceable resource. Losing your job is already a humiliating experience in itself, but losing it at 50 years of age can really undermine your self-confidence forever. And that's also why Elektra has received so many messages of support in response to her story. In fact, many women have shared similarly sad experiences. The most important message is that, of course, there is nothing wrong with Elektra or all those women who, after years of faithful service, are let go from their jobs due only to their age.

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