She quit her job during the pandemic to open a coffee shop - now she has 15 successful branches -
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She quit her job during the pandemic…
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She quit her job during the pandemic to open a coffee shop - now she has 15 successful branches

February 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

As we all know, the world pandemic and the rapid spread of Covid-19 has brought, and is continuing to bring, a great many businesses, jobs and employees to their knees. This is a very serious problem to which, however, many people have responded with hope, tenacity, and with a hopeful eye on a brighter future ahead. Among these wonderful people is Anna Magalona, a 25-year-old girl from the Philippines who, during the first wave of the pandemic, decided to invest all of her savings in her first coffee shop, and achieved unexpected and extraordinary success...

Anna Magalone is 25 years old and lives in the Philippines. When the global pandemic first broke out in early 2020, she was working a job as an employee. Out of fear of losing her job due to the pandemic, the girl decided to become a bit of an entrepreneur herself - she opened a café in her rented condominium in August 2020. The early days were particularly difficult, having to juggle the job she still retained and managing her coffee shop, but then the very first unexpected successes arrived. In less than a year, Anna Magalone successfully opened 15 branches of her "But First, Coffee" café throughout the country!

When the girl opened her fourth branch, at the end of 2020, she finally decided to quit  her previous job as an employee and to devote herself completely to her new, profitable business. There was a lot of initial uncertainty, but she had the passion and drive: "Everything was very uncertain at first, but then I used that uncertainty as a motivation to do something and create a business that would save me from bankruptcy if things went wrong with my job during the pandemic," reveals Anna.

The girl started with capital of around 6000 Philippine pesos ($ 117) and initially tried to test out some unique coffee recipes on her own, mixing different blends and different flavors. At first it was tough because her only customers were close friends and family, but then some of her acquaintances proposed partnerships and collaborations and this led to the opening of new branches throughout the country with unexpected success!


These are exactly the success stories we want to hear in these dark times of the pandemic!


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