Employee resigns giving 2 weeks notice,…
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Employee resigns giving 2 weeks notice, but his boss retaliates and fires him on the spot

January 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Having a fulfilling job is essential for your well-being, but unfortunately this does not always mean that you will be working within a harmonious work environment. Even if the job performed is one's top choice and preference, and for which one has made a significant committment to, the ideal of having the "perfect job" can be shattered quite easily by colleagues or bosses who can create a toxic working environment. In the long run, operating in an environment like this negatively affects employees. No wonder, then, if you find yourself in a situation like this, it would be better to get out and take some other job.

On Reddit, a user related his experience in this regard and, specifically, he told about what happened when he resigned, giving two weeks' notice. As unpleasant as this episode was, he confirmed that he had ultimately done the right thing to quit and accept another job.

Resigning always involves risk and that is why anyone doing it always wants to make sure that they have another opportunity to move to before handing in their resignation. The employee who reported his experience on Reddit, took this approach and he outlined the benefits of his new job, thereby showing us his reasons for resigning:

"One morning I received a phone call confirming the start date for a new job where they would pay me a few dollars more and that would reduce my commute time from 1 hour each way to 15 minutes. Of course, I was ecstatic and wrote my letter of resignation right away. At the end of my shift, and after the boss handed me my check, I gave him the resignation letter and after a few minutes of silence, he said, "I feel like I'm being stabbed in the back right now." He asked me where I was going to work and I said" it's none of your business - just know I'm leaving because I got a better offer and this place offers real benefits, unlike those offered here."

The boss was clearly very surprised and upset by his employee's resignation, but instead of reacting in a civilized, professional manner, he lashed out in a rather childish way: "I don't need your two weeks' notice - you are fired. Hand over your work phone and keys. Pack your bags and go! " 

Is it true that an employee is not really free to choose when to resign from their job? Are there some companies where resigning violates some internal rules of the office? The answer is an emphatic no, and the employee had done nothing wrong in giving two weeks notice. Unfortunately, the boss was not able to behave reasonably or professionally. It goes without saying that the comments from Reddit readers were totally in support of the man's actions and were clear that he had done absolutely nothing wrong.

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