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Wife has a seperate bank account from…
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Wife has a seperate bank account from her husband: "I want to keep my financial independence"

January 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When a person decides to get married, he or she knows that many aspects of their lives will, by necessity, be "shared" with their partner.  And one of the shared elements that can be a cause for much friction and conflict is finances. Many married couples, in fact, prefer to "join" each other's finances together in order to build a future for themselves and for the children who they might expect to be eventually born from their union. Others, however, do not think like this and prefer to keep their finances separate...

via: The Sun UK

Maintaining financial separatism is what Shelly Horton believes in. She is an Australian journalist who has publicly stated that she has decided to keep her finances separate from her husband. She explains that it is not because she mistrusts the man she has decided to marry and with whom she plans to spend the rest of her life, but because she believes that managing her financial affairs separately from her husband makes her more independent in the love affair.

As Shelly put it: "I don't want to ask my husband if he thinks it's ok or not for me to buy a certain dress or if I can take my grandchildren to the cinema. I know he'd say yes in the end, but that's not really the point. The issue is that I don't want to have to ask him every time I want to incur an expense. I work very hard during the year, so I know that I am entitled to my own money and my own financial independence. "

Shelly's decision was also informed by the negative experience she had to go through with a divorce and consequent separation of property held in common. It was not an easy or pleasant experience, and for this reason Shelly, after deciding to marry her new husband Darren, opted for the division of their assets and economic independence: "I would like to give advice to every woman who is out there. Wives should have their own bank accounts held separate from that of their husbands and which only they can access at any time, because one never knows when one might need it! "

This is a piece of advice that many women now want to follow, inspired by Shelly Horton's approach to marriage and finances. What do you think of her decision? Was she right to insist on separate current accounts, or not?


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