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63-year-old woman has a stunning physique:…
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63-year-old woman has a stunning physique: after her divorce, she dedicated herself to fitness

January 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Keeping fit is important - not so much for a purely aesthetic reasons, but above all, to stay healthy as one ages. There are those who just can't cope with fitness exercises and dieting and underestimate the importance of regular physical exercise. Lesley Maxwell, however, has come forward to provide a postive example: she states that is never too late to dedicate oneself to the well-being of one's body. Lesley is 63 years old, but she has such a finely toned physique that she is frequently mistaken for being a much younger woman. To be honest, Lesley has very young suitors - suitors who are much younger than she is. And this is because she seems to have managed to "keep herself young", unlike most other women her age. The truth is, Lesley probably didn't even know she was going to get into personal training - but after divorcing her husband, she seems to have discovered a passion for sport.

As proof that it's never too late to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals, let's start by pointing out that Lesley Maxwell won her first bodybuilding contest at the age of nearly 50 years old. So, if you thought that your life was "over" after marriage and children, you are very wrong!

Leslie goes to great lengths to keep her body in great shape: 5 long training sessions are what she does daily for her well-being every week. After her divorce, Leslie changed jobs and now she calls herself a full-time personal trainer. When she's not exercising, she posts her tips and photos of herself on Instagram, where she has a following of around 76,000 people!

Lesley loves working out with her granddaughter, Tia. Tia is another fitness enthusiast who tries to keep fit just like her grandmother. Often, when they are together, they are even mistaken by strangers for being sisters.

How does Lesley keep herself so fit? In addition to constant training, she combines it with diet that meets her daily calorie requirements. Among her suggestions is to give up wine and all sugary drinks, as well as to pay more attention to the portion sizes of each meal and the proteins they contain.


As you can see, Lesley doesn't give up on her workouts even when she goes for a walk on the beach!

Staying fit certainly involves many sacrifices, but the resulting benefits are infinitely greater. Get busy, get fit and your body will thank you in the future!


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