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His doctor tells him "If you don't lose…

His doctor tells him "If you don't lose weight you won't get to 40!" And after a few months, his transformation is surprising!

July 27, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The desire to lose weight has always been a constant torment for many people. There are those who lose weight for aesthetic reasons and those who, instead, due to being seriously obese, finding themselves doing it to improve their health.

In both cases, the ultimate goal should always be one's health. In fact, diet and regular physical exercise should be motivated by the desire to live a healthy lifestyle and not by the ephemeral desire to make a good impression while wearing a bathing suit at the beach.

The following story regarding Carlos Orosco, 38 years old, reveals from the very beginning of his journey a very strong motivation. As a matter of fact, he found himself weighing almost 650 lbs (295 kg). Therefore, Carlos had no choice about what to do --- either let himself go completely and die or take back control of his life and lose weight.

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Carlos had entered a vortex that was highly damaging to his health until the very harsh words of a doctor made him aware of his future: "If you don't lose weight, you won't get to 40!".  Carlos did not have many choices.

This young American boy had simply considered himself "robust" - a big 6-foot-tall boy (1.82 m), with a few extra pounds and he thought he had everything under control: "As long as I can move or play sports, it's all right." he told himself.

When he left home at 20 to live alone, his situation definitely deteriorated. Alcohol and junk food, over the years, had made him seriously obese, making him weigh as much as 600 lbs (295 kg).

His excessive weight forced him to turn to a surgeon for a partial vertical gastrectomy or a reduction in his stomach, but the doctor refused to operate because of his enormous weight, ordering him to lose at least 100 lbs (45 kg) before proceeding with the operation.

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It was the words of the surgeon who warned him about his serious condition, that called Carlos's attention to the very real danger to his health.

From that same day, Carlos started his journey to lose those required 100 lbs (45 kg) so that he could proceed with the operation. He started walking 3 miles (5 km) a day and relied on a nutritionist to change his diet. No more fries and alcohol, but instead fruit, vegetables, and lean proteins.

Within six months, thanks to his hard work, Carlos lost almost 100 lbs (45 kg), thereby, obtaining consent from the doctor for a gastrectomy.

"The first months were really hard, I was constantly in crisis because I had to fight the very strong food cravings --- and I cried almost every night because I couldn't sleep," he commented.

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After his stomach surgery, Carlos continued to lose weight but stabilized at 348 lb (158 kg). It is at this point that the young man discovered the beauty and effectiveness of jogging and running marathons!

Carlos says: "I ran my first 3-mile (5 km) marathon in honor of a friend who has passed away. I felt very encouraged and so many people encouraged and supported me."

Carlos has continued to run and has lost an amazing 450 lbs (204 kg)! Today, at 42, Carlos has never felt this good. "I really feel I am living my life to the fullest now." the young man commented after this long and difficult but very successful journey.

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Carlo's weight loss journey was not easy and it is something that will not be easy for anyone, but Carlos has some advice for those in the same situation:

1 - Get help. There are people who are here for this, don't be afraid to ask for help.

2 - Be patient. Don't expect to lose weight all at once. Whoever goes slow and steady wins the race!

3 - Do not be discouraged. Remember: the state you are in at the moment does not have to be permanent, it is not your ultimate goal.

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We have only one life and we must try to live it to the fullest! So, let's not waste our time, roll up our sleeves, and sweat a little today to be in great shape tomorrow.


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