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"I promise to be the mother you deserve":…
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"I promise to be the mother you deserve": stepmom includes her new husband's son in her marriage vows

January 09, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When a parents seperate forever, they know that the ones who will suffer the most will be the child or children they brought into the world together.  And the childrens' sadness may well continue until they reach adulthood. In short, it is no secret that when a separation or divorce occurs, the child is the first to suffer from this traumatic event on a psychological level. What happens, however, when a new person arrives in the family unit, such as a stepfather or a stepmother? Will the relationship between the child and the person who is not biologically related to them be equally healthy and relaxed? Not always, but sometimes very special bonds can be created ...

An example of a special relationship such as this, comes from Vanessa Lynch, a nurse from Minnesota, and her non-biological 9-year-old stepson, Henry. Vanessa is now married to Craig and when they decided to get married, the woman wanted to celebrate not only the indissoluble bond with her future husband, but also the very strong bond that had developed between herself and Craig's biological son, Henry. And so, during the recital of vows at the wedding ceremony, Vanessa also "surprisingly" included little Henry, thereby staging a truly touching scene in front of the emotional gaze of all the wedding guests.

Here are the words that Vanessa said to her stepson Henry after reciting her wedding vows to her new husband Craig: "Henry, I know I was not there the day you came into the world, but I promise you that I will always be there for you from now on (...) I promise to love you as if you were my own son and finally, I promise that I will be the best life partner to your father and the best stepmother I can be to you, dear Henry ... "

Vanessa had initially opted not to add anything about Henry to her wedding vows so as not to embarrass Henry and his father at that very important and delicate moment. However, once she thought about it again, she decided to "shout out" to the whole world how much she believed that the bond she would create with Craig would be just as strong as the one she had built up over the years with her stepson ...


This extraordinary and touching gesture made both Craig and little Henry cry with emotion. Vanessa wanted to show the world that the biological bonds we have with our loved ones and family are not necessarily the only ones from which a mutual and unconditionally loving relationship can be built.

Sometimes, a family can be built on love alone, and it is a beautiful thing!

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