Mother is 5 hours late picking up her son from a birthday party: he is not invited to the next party -
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Mother is 5 hours late picking up her…
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Mother is 5 hours late picking up her son from a birthday party: he is not invited to the next party

January 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Although children make friends at school, parents are not always able to do the same. A mother told about her experience in relating to another mother, on the occasion of her son's birthday party. The woman organized a small pajama party for her son's birthday, who was turning 10 years old. This time, however, the mother did not invite a child named James, due to the irresponsible behavior of his mother on previous occasions. To clarify, the woman detailed the story of the unpleasant episode that had occurred at a previous birthday party she threw for her son.

In a nutshell, the invited children were supposed to be picked up by 11:00 am the next day, but James's mother didn't show up to pick up her son until the late afternoon.

via: Reddit

The mother wanted to point out that, while James is a well-behaved child, his mother, on the contrary, seems to have forgotten good manners. At two previous parties, James was always the child who was picked up last.

For the eighth birthday of her son, the woman had told all the parents that they would have to come and pick up their children by 11:00 am the next morning. As agreed, all the parents showed up on time to pick up their kids - all, that is, except for James's mom. At 11:30 am, the birthday boy's mom sent a message to James's mother, asking her where she was,and received the answer: "I'm on my way."

Not a major problem at this stage, except that by 12:30 pm no one had still turned up to pick up James.

The birthday boy's mother had asked all the parents to be punctual, as the family had other commitments for the day after the party - they were supposed to go to the birthday boy's grandparents for lunch. By 2 pm, James's mother still hadn't shown up, despite all the messages the woman had sent her. At that point, the mother made one last attempt and in an urgent message, she let the woman know that if she did not come immediately to pick up her son, she would call the police and report her for child abandonment. 15 minutes later, James's mother knocked on their door. This episode was a show of the classic behavior James's mother which she had repeated several times in the past. And unfortunately, it was for this reason that James was not invited to the boy's latest birthday party.

James's mother was very angry when she learned that her son had not been invited, but the other woman responded that it was her fault for always being very late to come and pick up her son. Jame's mother didn't take this rebuke very well and she decided to insult and block the other mom on social media apps.

What do you think? When you have an appointment, do you think it is important to be on time?

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