Elderly lady bursts into tears of joy…
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Elderly lady bursts into tears of joy when her colleagues give her the doll she had wished for eve since she was a child

January 03, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

One of the traditions we are all most familiar with is that of giving toys to children on birthdays or Christmas. It is assumed that kids enjoy playing games of all kinds with the gifts they receive - be they technological ones or not. And one of the most desired and popular gifts that kids want are dolls. But gifting a doll as a present is not always possible, as there are many less well-off families all over the world who cannot afford to give this popular toy to their children. But even if you did not receive one as a kid, the desire to own a doll can remain - even into your adulthood.

Addressing this subject, a TikTok video quickly went around the world and touched the hearts of millions of web users. An elderly lady named Lilian Mejia received an extraordinary surprise for Christmas from her co-workers. The woman had frequently told her colleagues that her childhood was not exactly a happy one and her family had lived in poverty for many years.  Given these circumstances, for her birthday or for Christmas, Lilian had never received the American-made doll that she had always desired as a gift.

Today Lilian is an elderly woman and she is also a grandmother. But despite her age, her desire for a doll had always remained with her - even though she would surely have wanted to be free from the persistant, unrequited desire that constantly reminded her of her unhappy past. And so, one day, her work colleagues gave her a surprise that she could never have imagined: they got together and bought her the American-made doll that she had always wanted since she was a small child. Needless to say, the moment Lilian opened the gift and found out what it was, she burst into tears of joy.

The video on TikTok, which Lilian posted herself, received a flood of emotional and positive comments. Everyone was so happy to see her surprise and her joy - almost as if, for just one day, she had become a child once again. "I cried. This world can sometimes be so cruel. She never had a real childhood and her thrill in finally holding a doll in her hands says it all!", said a user who commented on the video.


Another user commented, "My mom never had dolls either until she was able to buy them herself 20 years ago. She has 3 in her living room and changes their dresses depending on the season or the weather!"

What about you? Do you have an unrealised dream which you are still waiting and hoping might come true one day? Tell us in the comments below!

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