Mother saves more than $40,000 in one year and buys her family a house -
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Mother saves more than $40,000 in one…
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Mother saves more than $40,000 in one year and buys her family a house

January 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Saving money is something that each of us tries to do every day in an attempt to establish our own economic independence, but it is a challenge that many people fail. In fact, there are people who struggle just to make it to the end of the month, so saving would be almost impossible for them. Many others, however, perhaps do not even realize how many unnecessary things they buy during the year. Lara Joanna Jarvis, a mom eager to save some money for herself and her family, definitely has some advice for everyone - in just one year she managed to put aside the $ 42,430! How did she do it? Let's find out now!


If you think that behind this great feat of saving there is some secret, special technique that we will now reveal, you are barking up the wrong tree. The truth is that Lara followed a few simple rules that all had one thing in common: don't buy unnecessary products for a year. Could you live with just the bear essentials for a year? Lara has shown that not only can she do it, but that she has accumulated enough money in a year to be able to buy her first home for herself and her family. The young mother wanted to shared some of the little tricks she used to reach her savings goal.

For example, if you want to get into savings, start adopting the "30 days rule": before buying something, wait 30 days. The purpose of this rule is to avoid, or at least limit, impulsive purchases. "If you want something," says Lara, "put it on your wish list, and if you still want it after 30 days have passed, you can buy it. Limit your impulse buying!" This rule is, of course, limited to non-essential products and therefore is not applicable to food purchases.

Another piece of advice from Lara is to plan meals for the week. This is a way to avoid spending too much or unnecessarily at the supermarket, where there are many temptations and our intention to resist inevitably fails when faced with biscuits, chocolate, drinks - all things which theoretically shouldn't be on the shopping list. "Planning meals not only relieves the stress of searching for and finding something to cook and eat every day - it also saves you time and money by making you more organized," Lara said.

Paying in cash is another important rule that Lara has given herself to better control her income and expenses. For her, the issue is also a psychological one as paying with credit cards seems to "devalue money", while paying in cash reminds you to be more prudent in your spending.


Another thing to take into consideration is what you have in your closet: how many times do we say "I have nothing to wear"? And how many times is it really true? Instead of spending money to buy extra clothes, it is better to keep some sort of record, a note to look at from time to time to remind ourselves that our closets are full of clothes to wear.

Finally, never forgetting your ultimate goal is something that definitely helps you focus and continue to make these small sacrifices. Let us constantly remind ourselves of the main reason we are saving money and try to "stick to the plan". For Lara, her goal was to buy her first home and, by managing to contain expenses with these little tips, she succeeded in her goal.

Do you have any other saving suggestions?

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