Mother is visibly moved when she discovers her son is to be her pilot (+VIDEO) -
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Mother is visibly moved when she discovers…
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Mother is visibly moved when she discovers her son is to be her pilot (+VIDEO)

December 29, 2021 • By Mark Bennett

Parents are typically always very proud of their children, and will never miss an opportunity to openly show their pride in their offspring to anybody. It is a great satisfaction to know, years later, that one has raised children who have not only achieved excellent results in the workplace, but who have also become responsible and generous adults. In short, there is no greater satisfaction for a parent than knowing that they have raised a good child! A mother was filmed as she boarded a plane, unaware that the pilot of her flight was ... her son! Her reaction to seeing her son is wonderful because she clearly shows the feelings of amazement she had finding out that he was to pilot her plane. It goes without saying that with the pilot being her son, this mother felt particularly safe throughout the flight!

Mothers are nearly always very proud of their children and of their achievements. Pilot Gustavo Castañeda's mother couldn't hold back her emotions when she suddenly saw her son in a pilot's uniform - and we can understand the depth of this emotion when she realised that her son was the pilot for her flight! The two have not seen each other for a while and it is absolutely thrilling to see them hugging each other after such a long time.

The scene was shot and posted on TikTok, where the video has garnered many, many views. The woman walks calmly with her bag and suitcase and, as she prepares to board the plane, she sees her son there to welcome her. Her eyes widen and light up in her amazement, and then she covers her face in emotion - perhaps to hide tears of joy.

It is easy to see from the video how surprised the mother was by being greeted by of one of the most special people in her life, and it is perhaps because her reaction so genuine and sincere that the video has attracted so many views and positive comments.

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