She helps her pregnant friend but discovers the baby is her husband's -
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She helps her pregnant friend but discovers…
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She helps her pregnant friend but discovers the baby is her husband's

December 23, 2021 • By Mark Bennett

Imagine having a best friend that you trust with your life; obviously, you would trust this person completely. You would be happy to give her the keys to your home, and share the deepest secrets of your heart because you know that she will never betray you. But there are people out there who are two-faced - those that behave like our best friends, but who then turn around and stab us in the back.

via: The Sun UK

An incident like this happened to Hailey Mae Custer, the subject of this story. When she published her story on TikTok,  it immediately went viral and has elicited comments and opinions from all over the web. The woman said she her trust was betrayed by her best friend. At her time, her friend was pregnant, so Hailey didn't think twice about helping her out during her pregnancy. Hailey said: "I learned that my best friend was pregnant and homeless, so I spoke to her with an open heart. I immediately felt the need to help her, so I put her up in my home and helped her along with her pregnancy. I was even the first to bathe her newborn baby!"

Soon, however, Hailey discovered that something was odd about her friend's baby: "We had just got back from the hospital and I had decided to change the baby. When he turned his head, a birthmark was exposed which is identical to my husband's, so I immediately became suspicious. When they are very young, it is very difficult to see these birthmarks on babies and I didn't see it right away. But after seeing it, I was really shocked!"

Hailey devastated: how could her husband do this to her? Eventually, she she confronted both of them about her suspicions, and discovered that her husband had had affairs with 30 other women during their marriage. And not only had he got his wife's best friend pregnant, but he had had another child out of wedlock.

Despite everything, Hailey told TikTok that in order not to destroy the family relationships, she decided to forgive her husband for what he had done.  Now, she is dating another man, but, for the sake of their children, remains on good terms with her now ex-husband.

And what do you think about this situation? Was Hailey right to forgive her ex-husband?


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