Father does not have enough money to…
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Father does not have enough money to throw a birthday party for his little daughter, so he buys her a slice of cake and a candle (+VIDEO)

December 26, 2021 • By Mark Bennett

There is nothing more wonderful in the world than the love of parents for their children; we would do anything for our kids, even if we are suffering hardships and struggling to make it to the end of the month. After all, we know, a child is happy when their parents and family are happy too - even if they live in poverty. And it takes very little to celebrate the joy of our mutually shared lives and love.

This is something that Antônio Carlos Ferreira da Silva knows very well. Antônio is a 28-year-old father who lives in Brazil with his family of modest means and he dotes on his daughter Emmanuelly Fayad - a happy five-year-old girl. Antonio makes his living as a bricklayer but he doesn't earn much and this is why he found himself with a big problem when he realized he didn't have enough money to be able to organize a proper birthday party for Emmanuelly.

Antônio didn't want to see his little girl cry, so this courageous dad decided that, by any means and in his own way, he would make sure he created a special day for Emmanuelly. What he did was filmed and posted on Instagram touched everybodys' heart...

Not having enough money to organize a full and proper birthday party, Antônio bought a slice of cake, put a beautiful candle on it and brought it home - much to the amazement of Emmanuelly. When the little girl saw her father approaching holding the slice of cake with a lit candle on a saucer illuminating the room, the 5-year-old couldn't believe it. Little Emmanuelly didn't expect this surprise, and she burst into tears. But of course, these were tears of joy.

The moving scene was filmed by Larissa Cristina Fayad Silva, Antonio's wife and Emmanuelly's mother; as you can see in the video below, Antônio had not been able to return from work early in order to celebrate his daughter's fifth birthday. Once he had finished his shift at the construction site, he had the brilliant and touching idea to buy a slice of cake and a candle to ensure that he would be able to make a special day for Emmanuelly.


Isn't this just the most touching father-daughter moment you've ever seen?

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