Her boyfriend calls a taxi to take her…
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Her boyfriend calls a taxi to take her home after seeing how she dressed for the evening

November 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we are dating, although we don't yet know whether the romance will last forever or not, you may have some ideas which become deal breakers for you. For example, if we go out with someone we like, we should also appreciate the way they dress. TikTok user Nikki Jabs, however, recounted a bad experience she had with a guy she was dating. The man seemed frequently to be subtly criticizing her for how she was dressed, until one evening he crossed her line: he told her he felt embarrassed to introduce her at an evening work event. The reason was, of course, the "inappropriate" way she had dressed. The evening ended early, as her date booked her a taxi home.

A story that has many elements that have raised discussion on the web.

The romance between Nikki and Greg had been going pretty well according to Nikki. While there had been some negative signs that should have perhaps raised red flags, dating this guy was pretty good. One evening, however, Nikki was involved in an unpleasant incident that made her think about some details. The two were supposed to go out for dinner and, soon after, were to attend a grand opening of the retail company where Greg works.

Once on their way to the restaurant, the man continued to stare at Nikki, which made her wonder what was wrong with her appearance. Initially, Greg told her there was nothing wrong, but as the conversation continued, he made it clear that he didn't want Nikki going to this event with him "dressed like that". At that point Greg called a taxi to take her back to her house: Nikki then spent the rest of the evening in the car with a taxi driver who drove her back to Greg's house, where she had left all her belongings.

Needless to say, Nikki packed up and returned to her home, in the van where she lives and from which she shares her life adventures online. This meant that Greg went to the corporate ceremony alone and on his return he regretted having treated Nikki that way: he apologized and told her that his outfit could have been just fine for the evening. Nikki, who sadly had to go back to Greg's house a second time that evening, to retrieve the computer she had forgotten, didn't give him a second chance, despite his apologies and the attempted hug, and she left cutting all ties with the man. 


Unfortunately, it wasn't the first time Greg had made negativel comments about details her outfit and Nikki realized she didn't want to be in a relationship with that type of man. Greg's comments referring to her look were often in the nature of: "Why are you wearing heels? I prefer it when you're wearing sneakers" or "Why are you wearing so much makeup? I like you more natural". Comments that inevitably made Nikki feel "wrong", simply because she was expressing her own identity.

We must not forget, in fact, that in addition to wanting to look beautiful and to make a good impression on others, dressing in a certain way, following one's taste, and putting on make-up are personal acts. Through our look we can express many aspects of ourselves and it is not at all reasonable that someone should consider themselves justified in "clipping the wings" of others with "toxic" comments of this type.


Many TikTok users were happy that this unpleasant aspect of Greg's personality had surfaced early on and that Nikki had a chance to understand this toxic aspect of her relationship and walk away from it forever. Many women, on the other hand, get stuck in relationships without noticing these toxic signals from their partner - signals that only get worse over time. 

Here's how Nikki dressed that night, after spending at least 40 minutes just putting on makeup:

In any case, Nikki's words about Greg were kind of sympathetic: "I don't think Greg is a bad person. I think Greg made a mistake. I really cared about him and still do. I believe I was a victim; I believe I was subjected to a bad decision. I hope he was able to learn from this experience to be a better partner in the future, knowing that you should accept your partner unconditionally."

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