He finds $10,000 in a purse and returns…
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He finds $10,000 in a purse and returns it immediately: the owner gives him $100 as a reward

November 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The temptation to pocket a large sum of money if we should have the opportunity is something we all have in common; there's no getting away from it, few people would be able to resist a purse or wallet full of coins and banknotes. Most people would take that money and jealously guard it for themselves, while a few others might develop a conscience and do what is probably the right thing: return all that money to its rightful owner.

via: CNN

A very just and civil action that Rhami Zeini, a boy who lives in Santa Barbara in California and who on the way home from school had found a purse loaded with banknotes on the floor; who could have mislaid all that money so carelessly? The sixteen-year-old boy, however, was not discouraged and decided to open the bag to see if there was information to help identify the rightful owner, in order to be able to return it to them. But when Rhami opened the bag, he couldn't believe his eyes: there were 10,000 dollars inside!

In a panic, he was undecided what to do: should he keep all that money for himself or should he go to the local police to try to identify the owner of the lost purse? Eventually, this conscientious Californian guy did the right thing and turned to law enforcement to return it ...

Here is what Rhami Zeini said after going to the Santa Barbara police: "In the end I thought this was the right thing to do, I could never have kept that bag full of money, I absolutely had to know who it belonged to, because if the roles were reversed and I lost something with a large sum of money in it, I know I would want it back for sure. I'm sure if we all did the right thing, the world would be a better place! "

Very wise words for a boy of only sixteen, who, once he had identified the rightful owner along with the help of the local police, also received an unexpected reward for his generous and conscientious gesture: $100!

So can you agree that doing the right thing always pays off in the end?


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