She charges £30 for each relative invited…
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She charges £30 for each relative invited to Christmas dinner at her home: a woman unleashes controversy

November 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Christmas is one of the most joyful holidays of the year, loved by young and old alike, the perfect time when families gather around the tree to celebrate the winter holiday or around a groaning table enjoying the culinary delicacies that are offered. Usually, the largest and most spacious house in the family is chosen to host all the relatives on December 25th, and it happens that most of the time it's the host who has to cook everything for the others. And if this "custom" one day were to lapse and a fixed rate per guest was introduced in order to participate in the Christmas dinner?

This is more or less what Gemma Andrews has come up with over the years, a mother of four who for the last ten years has always happily hosted her large family at home, since her home was very large and spacious; at the beginning each of the guests brought something cooked and so everyone would contribute to the cost of the dinner without Gemma being burdened with all the work and the cost, but then the woman began to notice that over the years some of the guests forgot to bring their food, so it has always been a last-minute rush to try not to miss anything offthe family plates ... at her own expense.

This all started to change when she decided that, if no one wanted bring something to eat from their home, she make the dinner with her own hands, but would have made the adults in attendance pay "only" £10, then this rate increased up to £30, even including every child who would be at the dinner. In all of this, one of her children has severe food allergies, so she needs a separate "menu" each year.

Now, by charging this cost per person, Gemma not only ensures that each guest takes care of the food expenses of the dinner they will enjoy on December 25 inher home, but this ingenious mom also makes sure that everyone has a guaranteed Christmas present, upon payment of the established donation.

Many have seen Gemma's arrangement with her relatives as a beautiful and good thing, yet at the same time the mother of four has had to defend her choice, stating that everyone should do their part in these big events, without expecting an invitation and a gift under the tree when you have not contributed at all to the expenses of the dinner.

What do you think about it? Would you ever charge your guests for Christmas dinner? Let us know in the comments!


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