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He asks for a divorce from his wife…
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He asks for a divorce from his wife because she doesn't wash: "She doesn't want to take a bath!"

November 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Everyone knows that marriage is not easy at all; among a thousand difficulties, ups and downs, quarrels and reconciliation, joys and sorrows, being married to another person is one of the most all-encompassing experiences that life can give us, for better or for worse. But no one has ever told us that marriage can have such absurd and incredible implications as in the story we are about to tell you. Can you believe that a man filed for divorce from his wife because he claimed that she didn't wash every day!

via: News 18

The very strange case took place in the Indian city of Uttar Pradesh, when a married man appealed to the city court to invoke this separation, which is usually implemented when the problems between the two people who make up the couple become absolutely insuperable. Instead the man, turning to the lawyer at the court, said he wanted to divorce his wife because, according to his testimony, every time he told her to wash and take a bath, she refused and they always ended up arguing.

The lawyer from Uttar Pradesh whom the man addressed said in amazement: "The man, during our meeting, repeatedly and firmly, told us that he wants to end relations with the woman. He also asked us to help him divorce his wife since she doesn't wash every day as he would like ... "


The Indian man who filed for divorce for this very absurd reason also has a child with the woman, which is why the lawyer who now assists him is trying in every way to make him understand that perhaps the choice of separation from his wife would not have been the best one, neither for his wife nor for his son: “We are advising the man not to end the marriage with his wife because it is a minor problem and that can be solved. He has to understand that his divorce could also affect his child's development."

How would you have acted if you were this husband who felt so "betrayed" by his wife in the matter of personal hygiene? Would you really have gone to the city court or your lawyer to ask for a divorce, or maybe he just went too far? Let us know in the comments!



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